Hillary Clinton recently launched a tirade of deceptive smears and talking points aimed squarely at alternative news radio show host Alex Jones.

Her Highness tried to make the case that there is a vast “Alt-Right” conspiracy movement in the center of which pumps Mr. Jones’ “dark heart”.

Apparently, the woman who helped lie us into war with Iraq and Libya and helped build the high tech prison grid still being erected around us needs to find a whipping boy for her sins against humanity.

I first heard Alex’s unforgettable voice during the W. Bush administration, so I know Alex does not fit perfectly into the “Right wing” box Hillary wants to shove him into.

Jones was a vociferous critic of Mr. Bush and his Neocon minions.

He attacked their war mongering, deception and tyranny without hesitation or partisan bias.

The George W. Bush years were coming to an end, but Alex was predicting that Bush’s legacy of war, failure, chaos and tyranny would endure no matter who took the helm next.

While Hillary was promoting the freedom-killing legislation, Alex was passionately and convincingly making the case that The Patriot Act literally reversed the gains to human liberty codified in The Bill of Rights.

While Hillary was happily cheerleading every lie conjured in the dark chambers of Neocon think tanks to sell the Iraq war, Alex was dismantling the flimsy and mendacious pretexts.

Hillary, of course, voted for the Patriot Act and the Iraq War while Alex tried to expose and stop both.

I also heard Alex interviewing NSA whistleblowers who were accurately describing how the U.S. government was illegally spying on its citizens and retaining our data, and how these whistleblowers were being persecuted by their own government for coming forward and refusing to break the law.

This was years before anyone heard of Edward Snowden.

Amazingly, there was very little interest in these bombshell allegations in the mainstream press.

It’s hard to believe now, but in those days, people who claimed the government was surveilling innocent citizens were dismissed as paranoid.

Alex also detailed a decade ago how police forces all over America were becoming militarized and he predicted that this dangerous trend would lead to racially charged conflict on the streets of the nation.

I also listened to him railing against; torture, needless wars, police brutality, government corruption, the two-party duopoly, the criminality of the banksters and the end of privacy.

All of these ills were at one time facilitated by policy endorsed by Mrs. Clinton.

Now the very same mainstream media hacks who promoted the lies that lead to war in Iraq and Libya, and mindlessly regurgitate whichever talking point is uploaded onto their teleprompter, are gleefully assassinating Alex’s character at every opportunity as Clinton’s marching orders dictate.

While these discredited war lovers lie about why our sons and daughters are sent to die, Alex bravely exposes the fraudulent casus belli they traitorously and disgracefully promote.

While these corporate spokespeople work for the interests of the oil and drug companies and political forces that pay their salaries, Alex exposes the crimes and scams of these same broken institutions.

Alex has been consistently committed to the causes of non-intervention and freedom.

He objectively has held the Obama administration to the same standard that he held Barack’s predecessor to.

Can the propaganda merchants say the same?

It’s astonishing to me that anyone still listens to these mendacious shills.

Alex does not believe the moon landing was faked, or that giant wasps live under the U.N. Building.

The ubiquitous hit pieces from the usual suspects are filled with the standard red herrings and straw man arguments.

Alex is genuine, unlike his detractors in government and media.

I spent some time with him in his media center in Austin, Texas and found him to be gracious and authentic on and off the air.

I think Alex has a done a great public service by exposing the deceptive, psychological methods used by the ruling elite to twist historical narratives, manipulate patriotism and manufacture consent.

By helping us to recognize propaganda, he is building a public awareness to the tactics the enemies of humanity like Hillary use to keep us divided and weak, steal our rights and slaughter countless innocents all over the world.

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