December 17, 2012

Update: CONFIRMED: Section of Gotham Renamed “Sandy Hook” in Latest ‘Dark Knight’ Release

Bizarre evidence that the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut may have been staged has surfaced in the form of YouTube videos which point out the words “Sandy Hook” were written on a map that appeared in the most recent Dark Knight movie, a startling revelation given the deluge of mysterious coincidences already plaguing the movie.

According to numerous YouTube videos, a scene appears in which Commissioner Gordon points at a Gotham City map and confusingly, directly to the words “Sandy Hook.” At least one user who tried to upload a similar video pointing out this curious coincidence had it strangely removed.

Another YouTube video asserts that the word “Aurora” also appeared in the movie, further fanning the flames of conspiracy swirling about the movie.

In July, following the Aurora “Dark Knight” massacre, we wrote how the audience in the theater the night of the fateful shooting was made to watch a trailer in which gangsters in the upcoming Gangster Squad movie shot through a screen at audience members. The controversial scene was later scrubbed from the trailer altogether. Warner Brothers alleged that, up until the night of the shooting, they had “forgotten” that the trailer contained the scene.

Another shocking coincidence came in the form of a Lil Wayne music video that absurdly featured skeletons in a movie theater. The video was released just days before the Aurora massacre took place.

As more of these “strange coincidences” continue to pop up, it would take a fool not to question the motive behind it all: Is this all part of an evil pre-conditioning program?

This definitely begins to tread into Satanic and occult territory, the purpose of which is known to only a select few in tight-knit circles at the very top branches of various secret societies.

In a June 2012 article, Jurriaan Maessen described predictive programming, stating, “Classic predictive programming is usually set in motion to desensitize a target audience to a concept, a possibility, or an event- so when an idea is finally introduced into society, or when an event actually occurs, they have been carefully foreshadowed, pre-programmed you might say, in the minds of people.”

As we have seen continually in the past, pre-conditioning and predictive programming go hand-in-hand in preparing, subconsciously, the minds of the masses for an event of ritual sacrifice.

Take, for instance, what some have called a “mega ritual” event: 9/11.

If 9/11 was set to be one of the largest mass rituals in history, it would require some of the grandest predictive programming that could be conjured, beginning as early as 1993 with various questionable insertions into the popular Simpsons TV show.

In 2001, the FOX series The Lone Gunmen aired a pilot episode that eerily predicted the events of 9/11.

In the episode, a scenario is played out in which the U.S. government remotely hi-jacks an airliner and attempts to fly it into the World Trade Center, justifying the launch of perpetual wars that would keep the military industrial complex busy for years to come.

In December 2005, actor, comedian and Lone Gunmen star Dean Haglund appeared on Infowars Live and spoke about the series’ pilot episode, saying, “Part of the plot, as it said in the script was that this event would be used to start an international war on terror.” Sound familiar?

He also spoke candidly about the funding for movies containing blatant Pentagon propaganda, saying, “These movies cost twenty, sixty million dollars to make, that money doesn’t come from some guy down the street out of his check book, these come from huge venture capitalists that have huge corporate interests.” He also “confirmed that government officials would regularly attend Hollywood parties and submit ideas to be planted in film and TV scripts,” we wrote in 2005.

These subliminal messages go a long way in charging and absorbing energies needed for different occult rituals, but they’re also a coding to other mafias designating territory and inciting fear, much like the ace cards American soldiers would leave on dead Vietnamese soldiers in attempts to psyche out the Viet Cong and forgo a firefight.

In this fashion, a subliminal trick is performed on the uninformed; a lesser magic spell that, as Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, describes in the Satanic Bible, can be suited to one of three types of satanic ritual: sexual, compassion, or destructive.

In the book, LaVey says that, “One of the greatest of all fallacies about the practice of ritual magic is the notion that one must believe in the powers of magic before one can be harmed or destroyed by them. Nothing could be farther from the truth, as the most receptive victims of curses have always been the greatest scoffers.”

There can be no question that occult magic is in practice in the upper-most tiers of secret societies and that it is continuously being researched and experimented with using us, the unwitting public, as disposable guinea pigs.

While the public follows a God of light and good, secret occult circles conduct depraved sexual acts (many times involving small children), along with blood sacrifices, and also ritual demonic summoning, possession and worship.

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