A police cruiser’s dashcam caught an Idaho police officer fending off an ambush from a fugitive hiding in the trunk of his mother’s car during a traffic stop Monday night.

Lewiston police officer Thomas Woods stopped a vehicle for not having license plates, after it had left “a residence known to be frequented by wanted fugitive, 20-year-old Jesse Harrell,” the Lewiston Police Department said in a statement.

Officer Woods was interviewing the vehicle’s driver, Angelia Barnett-Harrell, 47, when he heard a noise in the trunk. He asked Barnett-Harrell if her son was in the trunk, to which she immediately responded, “It’s a toy gun, don’t shoot him,” according to police.

Officer Woods then saw the trunk open slightly. He called for immediate back-up and proceeded to the back of the car to secure the trunk area.

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