Liberal commentator Dave Rubin countersignaled calls for the regulation of Big Tech monopolies, telling conservatives that they should “fight the impulse” to legally enforce the First Amendment in the digital realm.

Rubin, a self-described “classical liberal” and former employee of The Young Turks, addressed his comments specifically to conservatives Wednesday after President Donald Trump hinted at the prospect of executive action against tech censorship. Rubin also promoted, a startup website he is involved in, as an alternative to government regulation.

“Conservatives must fight the impulse to regulate big tech. Competition, free markets and human ingenuity are the answer. Not taking one big problem and combining it with another big problem. Will put a hold on your name for when you join!” Rubin tweeted.

Alternative tech platforms have repeatedly failed to break the monopoly held on social media by Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

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As is the case with most public figures who reassure the masses that government intervention is not the answer, Rubin’s pages on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are all intact and unbanned, as are the pages of neoconservative commentator Ben Shapiro, who retweeted Rubin’s caution against regulation.

A co-founder of Shapiro’s website The Daily Wire once said, “we may be grifters but we sure as hell aren’t poor grifters”:

Daily Wire co-founder Jeremy Boreing remarked on the allegation often levied against Ben Shapiro and other neoliberal commentators that claim to be the voice of the conservative movement, stating, “We may be grifters, but we sure as hell aren’t poor grifters.”

Boreing made the comments in response to a tweet by Cassandra Fairbanks suggesting a debate between Ben Shapiro and paleoconservative streamer Nick Fuentes during CPAC next week.

“You’d have to charge a lot more than that. We may be grifters, but we sure as hell aren’t poor grifters,” Boreing replied.

Rubin has received pushback for his comments on social media from smaller content creators who do not want to be pushed off big tech platforms and crawl to to find a new audience.

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