High School student turned gun control activist David Hogg wants other students to join him in painting their graduation caps orange, in a new protest of the Second Amendment.

Hogg made the declaration on Twitter Saturday, encouraging others to join him.

“I will be spray painting my cap for graduation orange to show my support of common sense gun laws, feel free me to join if you want. #OrangeCaps,” the student activist tweeted over the weekend.

The Parkland teen’s call for orange hats was met with widespread skepticism.

One peer pointed out painting her hat would make her ineligible to graduate.

After realizing his idea might lead to countless students violating graduation policies, Hogg issued another tweet promoting price tags that can be printed out and tied to the cap’s tassel.

Hogg’s “orange” idea isn’t exactly original, as pointed out over at Western Journalism:

“Orange is also the color of multiple items sold by Everytown, an anti-gun organization supported by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.”

Last week Hogg wasted no time immediately politicizing the Santa Fe school shooting in Texas, hitting out at politicians who he says “just want to boost their approval ratings before midterms.”

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