Kurt Nimmo
March 4, 2008


It didn’t take long for internet sleuths to track down the perp. David Motari, the Marine accused of pitching a puppy off a cliff for the sheer psychopathic fun of it, is a member of the Bebo social network. Although the network requires registration to view member profiles, an enterprising researcher was able to login and screen capture Motari’s profile (click small image at left to see a larger image).

Motari is a Lance corporal, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment, stationed at Haqlaniyah, Iraq, and based out of the Marine Corps Base at Kaneohe, Hawaii. He is from Seattle, Washington.

“Don’t have to follow nobodies (sic) footsteps,” writes the Marine on his Bebo profile. “I’m makin my own, fully grown, and this life is my own.” Motari tells us he is “happiest when… Chillin out, sleeping, playing sport, hittin the gym, hangin with friends, with my family, at home, fridays, eating, running, cruisin, and defintely (sic) when I get out of the marine corps!” He forgot to add he is especially happy when emulating Jeffrey Dahmer, who also shared a penchant for torturing and killing small defenseless animals.

“There is no way to know for sure if the puppy is real or not unless you are the one who produced it,” explains Charlie Powell, College of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University.

However, after watching the video on YouTube, it certainly appears the puppy was alive prior to Motari’s sadistic stunt.

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