Kurt Nimmo
January 21, 2009

Now that Obama is installed in the Oval Office, the job of “saving the world” can begin. Of course, that’s what the corporate media tells us — this one-term senator, basically a man out of nowhere — will save us. In fact, Barack Obama cannot save us and that will not be his job, even though millions apparently believe it. Barack Obama is a front man for the New World Order. He is a used car salesman tasked with selling us on global fascism, that is to say transnational corporatism.

  Barack Obama is a front man for the New World Order. He is a used car salesman tasked with selling us on global fascism, that is to say transnational corporatism.

As Obama wrote for the globalist Council on Foreign Relations periodical Foreign Affairs, “the security and well-being of each and every American depend on the security and well-being of those who live beyond our borders.”

For the globalists, “security and well-being” translates into invading small and enfeebled countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. In order for the global elite to be secure — that is to say, for them to retain power and push their world domination agenda forward — small nations resisting globalization must be invaded and carpet bombed with depleted uranium. Saddam Hussein was not a threat to the American people, as fraudulently advertised — he was a threat to the banksters and globalists who frown upon leaders with ideas of their own, even if they are brutal dictators.

In Afghanistan, before the magical and timely appearance of the CIA-ISI created terrorist group named after a database, the Taliban were told that they could choose between a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs. Transnational corporations had ideas about oil and gas pipelines transversing the country.

Stooges of the Taliban were kidnapped and sent to Gitmo, while Saddam had a date with a noose. This is how the global elite mobsters Obama represents do business.

Now the American people will get a taste. Obama promised as much in the lead-up to his anointment when he peddled his sacrifice and “responsibility” mantra. In the months and years ahead, there will be plenty of suffering required as the elite take down the last bastion of liberty and install their version of a brave new world — a global slave plantation with a high-tech surveillance and control grid overlay. Glaring aspects of this control grid were on display as Obama was sworn into office, never mind his supposed botching of the oath.

“The US military will fly air patrols, man surface-to-air weapons systems, ply the Potomac River with gunboats, assess chemical and biological threats, organize large-scale medical support in the event of an attack, and provide visible and undercover on-the-ground security,” the Telegraph reported on January 20.

In order to send the message, the FBI and Homeland Security manufactured a “possible threat from an East Africa radical Islamic terrorist group,” al-Shabaab, that “might try to travel to the U.S. with plans to disrupt the inauguration.” Naturally, the threat “had limited specificity and uncertain credibility,” according to Homeland Security spokesman Russ Knocke.

Even Congress critters were bluntly instructed on the prerequisites of the police state. “Inauguration security is getting so tough that even lawmakers are getting warnings,” Paul Bedard wrote on January 2. “What’s more, the House sergeant at arms has a new list of banned personal items that includes camera bags and thermoses.”

Obama’s change is nothing if not a slick parlor trick. He will continue the course plotted by the global elite during the Bush administration. “Recently, President Obama said al-Qaida was the most important threat. He’s right, but we must address this threat more comprehensively than we have,” declared former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Richard Myers. “We must recognize that violent extremists around the world make up a global insurgency. Iraq, Afghanistan and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are part of this insurgency, but the insurgency is larger than these ‘tactical’ fights.”

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Translation: the Arabs and Muslims are still resisting the plans of the global elite, so they must be corrected by way of bunker-buster and depleted uranium.

“Developing a strategy to deal comprehensively with this global insurgency should be high on the president’s priority list. Any strategy must realize this will require the efforts of the international community, not just America,” the good general averred.

Israel will remain the client bastion-fortress in the Middle East. “America to lead the effort to build the road to a lasting peace [in the Middle East],” Obama writes for the CFR. “Our starting point must always be a clear and strong commitment to the security of Israel, our strongest ally in the region and its only established democracy.”

Bush’s “minds,” the neocons, were determined to bomb Iran — numero uno when it comes to resisting the New World Order — and this plan will remain the same under Obama, albeit with a rearrangement of window dressing. “Our diplomacy should aim to raise the cost for Iran of continuing its nuclear program by applying tougher sanctions and increasing pressure from its key trading partners,” he writes for the CFR. Obama plans to “show Iran — and especially the Iranian people — what could be gained from fundamental change: economic engagement, security assurances, and diplomatic relations.”

In other words, the Iranian people have to take orders from the global elite. Sanctions will work about the same as they did against Iraq — that is to say Iraq suffered more than a decade of medieval sanctions, resulting in the murder of more than 500,000 children and over a million Iraqi adults. Iran can expect the same if they don’t whistle the New World Order tune and right quick.

The installment of Barack Obama represents a new game plan for the global elite. George Bush did his part — under his administration, draconian domestic “executive orders” were put in place to set the stage for martial law and a police state. Obama will have this toolset at his disposal now that everybody from esteemed economists to policy wonks at the Pentagon are predicting everything from revolution in the streets to food riots as the bankster engineered depression settles over the land like a ten ton gorilla.

As cynical as it may seem, Obama was chosen and installed because it will be nearly impossible to disagree with his policies — the policies of the globalists. If you do so, you will be labeled a racist and a defeatist. Soon enough, “Obama 2.0,” the fascistic mass movement, will organize and dispatch goons to deal with these supposed racists mano-a-mano. It is no mistake Obama’s “grass roots” election campaign is now being turned into an up-to-date version of Hitler’s brownshirts that will not only ferret out environmental criminals, but all opposition to the global elite plan to turn the world into a hellish totalitarian nightmare.

Obama is a creature manufactured by the New World Order. He is not a savior, although he is a darn good snake oil salesman. He can read the teleprompters better than George Bush, too. In the weeks ahead he will be sold as not only a savior for America, but one for the world at large. Obama’s image as a global leader will be used to sell world government, especially as the economy continues to crumble, as planned.

As usual, the question is: will we accept this or rise up in opposition?

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