In an exclusive interview with Infowars, political insider Jack Abramoff went nuclear on Democrat-led “Trump-Russia” investigations, dismissing these actions as “Democratic performance art.”

A consultant to former Republican Majority Leader Tom DeLay (“the Hammer”), Abramoff is shocked the Democrats are being allowed to go this far. And if Abramoff is shocked at the bottomless depravity of Democrats, things must arguably be pretty bad.

“No one should be allowed to get away with this.  It was only a few years ago that Obama was caught on a hot mic assuring Russian then-President Medvedev that he would be cooperating with Russia after his 2012 re-election,” Abramoff said, adding that, “It was even more recently that their nominee — Hillary Clinton — was approving the transference of U.S. strategic assets to the Russians.”

Abramoff finds the paradox comical. “So now they are re-born anti-Russian activists? Puleeze [sic]. They and their media enablers-conspirators have but one goal: the destruction of the duly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump,” Abramoff continued.

Liberal irony: a new Cold War

Beyond the moral contradiction in the unfounded Democrat accusations that Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary Clinton, Abramoff believes the Democrats are unwittingly reviving the Cold War.

“The contemporary Democrats are a sad husk of a formerly formidable political party. This entire charade is nothing more than a piece of Democratic performance art that will do nothing but revive the Cold War” [Emphasis Added], Abramoff said.

The former GOP strategist thinks a Cold War resurgence is “a bizarre goal for a party that did everything it could to comfort the communists who formerly ran the Soviet empire during the last Cold War.”

A statute of limitations on lies

Democrat after Democrat admits repeatedly (including former President Obama and former FBI Director James Comey), that they have found no evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.

But many of these same prominent Democrats (like California Reps. Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff) publicly suggest “that’s why we must continue to investigate.”

Abramoff believes the notion that “we must investigate to find out why we are investigating” is unique to Democrats and legally problematic.

Federal crimes have a statute of limitation, he said.

“They [Democrats] are applying the lessons we all learned from the brilliant book ‘Three Felonies A Day,’ that if you dig long enough, you’ll find something,” he said. “I believe many federal crimes have a five year statute.”

“Republicans generally don’t act like that,” Abramoff explained. “In fact, Republicans don’t even take action when there is undeniable proof of lawbreaking. Exhibit A is the fact that the Republican Congress did not convict Bill Clinton, notwithstanding his perjury and obstruction of justice.”

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: Unlike the memos initially reported to show obstruction of justice by Trump — now even disavowed by James Comey — Clinton was found guilty of obstruction in official impeachment proceedings.]

Tom DeLay & Donald Trump

“I do not like to comment on what happened to me, generally, but I can tell you that what they did to Tom DeLay was absolutely disgusting. He was one of the greatest Republican leaders in Congressional history and a man of impeccable integrity,” Abramoff contended.

“They destroyed him because he was exactly the kind of Republican leader that liberals cannot survive: tough and true to the conservative cause. This is the same reason they are trying to destroy President Trump.” [Emphasis Added]

Tom Delay “never backed down when they attacked, like most Republican leaders do, and that’s the same way President Trump approaches politics,” Abramoff added.

In closing, Abramoff expressed confidence that Trump will come out of the investigations unscathed.

“Fortunately, President Trump is not a snowflake or willing to bend to these brutes. If only other Republicans had his backbone and toughness, the liberals would never have had the chance to destroy Western Civilization.”

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