Citizens in the nation’s capitol should be prepared to fight and try to “take the gunman out” should a Paris-style scenario unfold prior to police arriving, the city’s police chief has stated.

Speaking with 60 Minutes Sunday, Washington DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier urged residents to do what’s necessary to save lives in the event of a terror attack or mass shooting, whether it means “run, hide or fight.”

“If you’re in a position to try and take the gunman down, to take the gunman out, it’s the best option for saving lives before police can get there,” Lanier said.

While acknowledging her latest suggestion was “counterintuitive” to previous tactics police have advised, Lanier claimed “taking action” may be essential to prevent another massacre like the attack in Paris which left over 120 people dead.

“We always tell people, ‘Don’t…don’t take action. Call 911. Don’t intervene in the robbery’” said Lanier. “…we’ve never told people, ‘Take action.’ [But] it’s a different…scenario.”

Lanier’s declaration comes in the wake of various threats by Islamic State terrorirsts targeting DC, with one of the group’s latest propaganda videos asserting “the White House will turn black with our fire.”

The police chief’s statements follow others by prominent law enforcement figures who have affirmed the right to self defense in the wake of mass tragedies.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke went against the establishment in 2013 when he urged his residents to learn how to use firearms in order to “fight back” against criminals while police arrive.

Following an attack at a Kenyan mall also in 2013 which left 60 dead, Interpol Secretary General Ronald Noble also stressed that an “armed citizenry” could be possibly combat the “evolving threat of terrorism.”

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