Kurt Nimmo
June 9, 2008

For Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, “stop and frisk” without probable cause is not enough. He apparently hankers to turn the “City of Brotherly Love” into a police state, based on the District of Criminals model.

“During his primary campaign, Mayor Michael Nutter called for a crime emergency which would have banned hanging out on street corners in certain neighborhoods and limit traffic,” reports Metro. “After similar tactics were enacted by Washington, D.C. police this weekend in a violent neighborhood there — including checkpoints where drivers had to show police ID or otherwise prove they belonged in the neighborhood — a Philadelphia police official said checkpoints may still have a future here.”

In order to render the Fourth Amendment null and void, all a mayor need do is declare a “crime emergency,” set up “Targeted Enforcement Zones” and throw a bunch of police into “violent neighborhoods.”

Nutter’s nutty and unconstitutional tactics may drive crime inside, but it has also prevented citizens from doing the most mundane of things, such as playing cards in the park. “It’s already tough out here just to play cards in the park,” resident Will Durham told Metro while playing a game of hearts with three friends. “I already feel like we don’t have enough civil rights out here.”

Mr. Durham should realize “civil rights” are granted by government and can thus be taken away, while constitutional rights are innate. So long as the people unfortunate enough to live in Philly’s “violent neighborhoods” — violent primarily because the government has made certain substances illegal — and continue to believe in this government created ruse about “civil rights,” they are going to lose the ability to walk down the street unmolested or play cards in the park without the cops dogging them, asking for ID, conducting “stop and frisk” violations of the Fourth Amendment.

If residents allow this sort of business, they can expect to have the government decide if they can walk down the street with “legitimate purpose.” It was similar in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, dictatorships and police states far and wide. Now it has come to D.C. and maybe soon Philadelphia.

How long before it comes to your neighborhood?

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