A government ethics watchdog Tuesday filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission after audio from a secretly recorded conversation implied the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee tipped the scales in favor of their preferred candidate, and may have violated campaign finance laws in the process.

The secret recording of a conversation between House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer and Levi Tillemann, a Democrat candidate for the 6thCongressional District in Colorado, was made last December. The audio became public after the Intercept published it in April with Tillemann’s consent after some names and private information were edited out.

Hoyer makes plain to Tillemann in the recording that some higher-ups in the Democratic party preferred Army veteran and corporate lawyer Jason Crow be the party’s nominee in the district.

The Intercept’s story on the audio included a quote from David Aarestad, who by that time had dropped out of the same race.

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