The corporate media is reporting that police have raided a printing plant northeast of Paris and killed the Charlie Hebdo shooting suspects.

Around the same time a related incident at a supermarket in Paris came to an end after a suspected hostage taker was killed.

It now be up to the media to tidy up the story and bury all information that does not conform to the terror threat narrative, for instance the fact Hamyd Mourad, initially said to be one of the Charlie Hebdo attackers, had nothing to do with the incident and turned himself in to the cops last night.

As with the 9/11 narrative within the first day or two, the French terror drama storyline will be tweaked and modified to fit the overriding agenda.

The authorities have yet to explain the obvious military behavior of the men who supposedly attacked the Charlie Hebdo office. They have ignored the fact that behavior does not fit the working class background of Cherif and Said Kouachi, now allegedly dead.

It is especially curious that one of the Kouachi brothers left behind his ID. It is strangely reminiscent of Mohammad Atta’s partially burned ID showing up after the collapse of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

Gilad Atzmon writes:

While every anti terror expert has agreed that the attack on Charlie Hebdo yesterday was a professional job, it seems pretty amateurish for a ‘highly trained terrorist’ to leave his ID behind. And since when does a terrorist take his ID on an operation? One possible explanation is that the so-called terrorists needed a few extra hours to leave France or disappear. They had to fool the French police and intelligence into searching the wrong places and the wrong people. Is it possible that they simply planted a stolen or forged ID card in the car they left behind?

If this was the scenario, it is possible that the attack yesterday had nothing to do with ‘Jihadi terrorism.’ It is quite probable that this was another false flag operation.

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