September 4, 2009

Please note: the poster contest is now closed. Alex will announce the winner on Friday.

soylent green
Another great Obama Joker poster by Infowars’ resident artist. Click here to get the poster.

Due to the fantastic response to the Infowars Poster-video contest, Alex has extended the deadline for entries to Tuesday, September 8. Please continue sending links to your video up until that time.

Please note that the contest is primarily about your video, not necessarily your poster. Feature your poster creation in a video and send us the link here:

[email protected]

Over the last couple weeks there has been some confusion about the purpose of the contest — it is a video contest, not a poster artwork contest.

After you have created your poster and have printed it out, create a video of your campaign to put the poster up in the public commons in your town. Remember not to put the poster on private or government property, as this provides our enemies and detractors with an excuse to denounce the campaign.

As previously noted, your poster should prominently feature the web address of Infowars or Prison Planet.

Here are the latest entries:

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