King of fake news, CNN’s Jim Acosta giddied his way through a segment Monday where he pondered why the White House constantly has to deny that President Trump is a mentally unstable white supremacist.

At no point did it cross Acosta’s mind that it may be because the fake media is constantly claiming these things as part of its obstruction agenda.

“[W]hat does it say that the top aides are defending the President’s mental fitness and denying that he’s a white supremacist?” Acosta crowed, adding “These are pretty extraordinary defenses to be out there with.”

“In any other administration, you just wouldn’t hear that kind of thing being said by a chief of staff” Acosta declared.

Then again, with any other administration in the White House, Jim Acosta wouldn’t be cashing huge checks after labeling the President ‘the enemy of the people’ in a crapped out book aimed at those suffering rampant Trump derangement syndrome.

At this point, Acosta calling Trump mentally unstable is merely part of an advertisement campaign. Anyone still believing Acosta is a legitimate journalist needs to have their own mental stability assessed.

Acosta further questioned the President’s mind by pointing to tweets from George Conway’s attorney claiming Trump has a personality disorder.

“I don’t believe he is a psychiatrist, but he’s sharing his opinion that the President’s behavior, I guess, points to some kind instability he feels that — that we see here on a daily basis.”

Yeah, he’s not a psychiatrist, just like you’re not a journalist, Jim.

“I mean, it is just another day at the office for us over here at the White House in terms of trying to address these sorts of questions.” Acosta added.

And it was another day in the office over at MSNBC also, where the Deadline panel declared that Trump’s tweets are a sign of  “crisis level psychological duress” brought on from a fear based mental “spasm”.

“There are these spasms he has where he starts tweeting this crazy stuff.” claimed former Republican campaign advisor Mike Murphy.

“I’m not sure what the cause is [rampant biased media attacks?] but we have become so dulled to Trump’s madness, I don’t know what it will take. Does he have to go run around for an aluminum foil hat? He is clearly under psychological duress here. And it, I think, is a crisis level event.” Murphy added.

If anyone needs a reference of what a mental spasm looks like, watch the video of this outburst:

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