The following is my last Facebook post in the form of a Dear John letter.

Dear Facebook,

It’s not you, it’s me.
I know we took some short breaks from each other in the past and I think we are due for another.
Don’t get me wrong, you have many wonderful attributes and I have learned a lot from you.
It’s just that I used to think your algorithms were cute, but lately, they are really keeping me from growing.
Your selective censorship and the way you have dramatically decreased the exposure of my work to my followers is troubling.
Only a tiny fraction of the thousands of people who chose to see my work are actually seeing it on their feed.
Is it something I said? Maybe we are just growing apart.
You want to monetize and absorb all of our personal data to understand the mass mind and ultimately predict the future,
and I just want to be free.
There are other platforms out there who will love me for who I am, you know.
Anyway, it’s not personal, and I really want you to be happy.
I hope your dream of global domination and technocratic dystopia works out for you.

(Insert emoticon here)
Anthony Freda

By censoring or blocking the organic reach of alternative news stories, Zuckerberg has in effect become a modern day book-burner.

He is relying on the “Godlike” powers of Snopes to issue decrees on the reliability of news outlets and the veracity of alternative information.

Nevermind that Snopes told us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

They are the omniscient arbiters of truth.

The self-appointed Ministry of Truth is compiling blacklists of forbidden media and promoting officially sanctioned propaganda.

The corrupt establishment is taking lessons from every totalitarian state in history in the guise of democracy and freedom.

They hate democracy and are enemies of the free press.

The purveyors of the most dangerous corporate and state sponsored fake news are on a witch hunt to demonize and censor investigative journalists and whistleblowers who expose the lies and crimes of the corrupt institutions sponsoring the mainstream media.

The alternative media is a threat to their monopoly on information and is hurting the bottom line of the dying dinosaur media.

This is a war on free speech by the same discredited shills who sold us the Iraq War lies that lead to the death of countless innocents.

This is a concerted smear campaign launched by the gangsters who promote official narratives to manufacture our consent to their crimes.

They want to destroy their competition like all tyrants do.

They are dangerous.

They are traitors.

They are the fake news and we all know it.

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