Dear shrill women who claim to champion women’s rights but who actually set women back:

An engineer wrote a memo at Google explaining that men and women are different. He suggested that rather than treating individuals based on their group (tribalism), they should be treated as individuals. Silly me for thinking that’s kind of what we, as human beings and individuals, always wanted. I don’t want to be associated with feminist cry harpies who bitch, whine and moan whenever they don’t’ get their way, then cry about the “patriarchy” and blame men for all their failings.

But that’s just me.

James Damore also said that, yes, men and women are different. We’ve written about this story three times already, I don’t want to get too much into it, knowing insidious twits like you won’t bother to read it. Why read a memo for yourself and draw your own conclusions when you can react hysterically instead? For weak-minded women such as yourselves, the virtue is in the frailty. You believe you’re great champions for being weak, and parade said weakness so other weaklings might tell you how brave you are.

I am speaking of this NPR article with this quotation:

Another software engineer who used to work for Google, Kelly Ellis, says some women who still work at the company stayed home Monday because the memo made them “uncomfortable going back to work.”

Aw, poor babies. Someone get Pampers on the line. An engineer dared type some banal words, ergo you had to stay home because you were “uncomfortable.” What does that even mean? You felt a rumbling in your tummy? Doesn’t matter. You stayed home, from work, in a tech industry, dominated by men, due to “discomfort” over a ten-page memo. Thus reinforcing a gender stereotype I’ve long opposed: “Women are the (mentally) weaker sex, and just can’t hack stress. Don’t criticize her, or she’ll cry!” Also “Women are sooooo emotional!” Which some men will say while casually ignoring men who riot in the streets when their sport’s team loses a championship.

Yes, that stereotype is unfair because I’ve seen men overreact emotionally (sometimes with violence). It’s garbage behavior when men overreact emotionally, it’s garbage when women overreact emotionally. #Equality

That’s right my x-chromosome sisters. I’m all about that equality. Just as I think men should be schooled for their shameful behavior, so should you. That is, after all, how equality works. I have to define it as you seem rather confused on the issue. I get it, you don’t always mean what you say.

See what I did there?

One reason the stereotype “women are emotional and can’t hack it” persists is because of you. Because of reactions like yours. Staying home because of a memo. Which made you “uncomfortable.” Incidentally, if a man told his male coworkers he was staying home from work because a memo “made him uncomfortable” what do you think those male coworkers would do in response? Methinks wedgies would just be the opening bid.

But you ladies congratulate yourselves for opposing “misogyny” in the work place. Over a memo which advocated nothing of the sort. In fact the opposite.

This over-reactive response is a common reaction for you third-wave, extreme feminist banshees. Before the Google memo, it was a “Day without Women” where you refused to go to work for… I dunno, Donald Trump. Still not sure about that one. Who can forget the pussy-hat march protesting Donald Trump’s inauguration, where you weren’t even sure why you were protesting. Again, thanks for the overreaction for illogical reasons. Helpful to working women like myself who are sometimes associated with feminist shrill beasts, because we’re all women (which, again, is the kind of group think and gender identity politics James Damore was advocating against)!

Every time you parade your mental weakness, you give ammunition to every sexist pig with a keyboard. You perpetuate a stereotype working women, such as myself, oppose. For the reasons stated above (because yes, men can overreact emotionally in sometimes glorious, violent fashion). But rather than rebuke the stereotypes, you slide into them like your favorite pair of yoga pants you think are flattering. Not so.

The true over-emotional weaklings are you, frail leftist women who use any excuse to stay at home (I thought you wanted to go to work?!), who cannot read a ten-page memo, who continue to lie about the “gender pay gap,” who advocate for the silencing and firing of a person (male or female) who dares disagree with your feminist screed.

You are pathetic. You are embarrassing. You are the embodiment of all the stereotypes you claim to hate, which many women actively fight against.

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