Dear Liberals,

So the Kalamazoo shooting happened. A tragedy of epic proportions and of course my prayers go out to the victims (and their families) affected. At the exact time of this writing, this is what we know.

Six people were killed and two others wounded in a series of random shootings in Michigan Saturday evening, police said. A 14-year-old girl was shot and very seriously injured. Authorities earlier said that she’d died.

Jason Brian Dalton, 45, was taken into custody early Sunday and was being questioned over shootings at three different locations in Kalamazoo County, police said.

“There is no connection between any of them, this all appears to be random,” Kalamazoo County Undersheriff Paul Matyas said. “This is the worst-case scenario that any community can have.”

But in this window, mere hours after the tragedy of the Kalamazoo shooting, I find myself in a familiar position. A time which should be focused on mourning and collecting of the facts, you instead decide to politicize, obfuscate and yes, flat-out lie about the travesty at hand. You dishonest, hobbling bags of human excrement.

“Gun control!”  “White terrorism!”  “BlackLivesMatter!”  “More outrage, more hashtags!”

I want to keep this piece short and sweet in order to hopefully drive the point home. So allow me to present two very important facts on the outset.

First, the definition of terrorism. Straight from the filthy bastion of right-wing propaganda that is Merriam-Webster

Screenshot 2016-02-21 10.57.54

Okay? Okay. Fact number two. Islam is not a race. It is a very specifically prescribed religious and political ideology. This is important to note, as seen by the rabble of uneducated, borderline functionally-retarted, leftist tweets following the shooting (before the bodies were even cold).

See, this is exactly what I’m talking about. Please refer to facts one and two. Terrorism requires a political/ideological goal by definition. Terrorism is the coercing means to that end.

“Being white” does not qualify. Why is this hard to understand? Ooooh I get it. You’re a lying person.

Sure, sometimes there are terrorists who happen to be white. See, Jihadi John. Sometimes there are murderers who are merely mentally disturbed. For reference, see most post-office shootings in the history of ever. What is the defining difference? It’s simple.


If someone yells “Allahu akbar!” before his/her (or zi) sweatervest goes kaboom, it’s a lot easier to make an inference as to what the motive might’ve been. Someone merely being white does not offer the same kind of compelling evidence. See, because Islam is an ideology, not a race. Notice a trend? Also, if the shooter being interrogated regarding his motive, responds with “Blueberry pancakes!” it’s a strong indicator that he might be mentally ill. See how this works?

The good news is that we have a legal process in order to get to the bottom of situations like those in the Kalamazoo shooting. No no, I know what you’re thinking. It’s not a hashtag on Twitter. It’s our judicial system! If this shooter had a very specific motive and was using terrorism as a means of coercion, we’ll find out soon. Isn’t that great!

Oh wait… you actually would rather see trials take place by “process of Social media”? Well, that makes sense.

You simpletons sure do have a short memory. San Bernadino was actually the opposite of that. It took nearly an entire day before San Bernadino was declared terrorism. As a matter of fact, hours after the shooting, the police commissioner held a presser “declining to declare it terrorism” at that time. We went out of our way to refrain from calling it terrorism. It took last names, bombs, neighbor reports, citizenship and yes, direct ties to ISIS to be discovered for that declaration to be officially made to the public.

So then why do you leftists insist on lying about it? I wonder.

Oh come now. Nobody really thinks that Americans are buying their guns without background checks, now do they (watch “Gunshow Loophole Debunked” here)? Wait, let me guess, you’re going to use this tragedy to pivot to “sensible gun control…”

Holy crap. That was fast. I guess liberals don’t even try to cover it up anymore. You just go straight for the all out gun-ban.

Again, I’m trying to keep this as simple as possible so that the lefties can keep up. These are the facts one has to believe to support the leftist narrative.

  1. Islam = a race. Not a religious nor political ideology.
  2. Being White = An ideological motive, not merely a race.
  3. Shooting a gun while being white = an act of terrorism.
  4. Acknowledging actual global statistics of Islamic terrorism = racism.
  5. Finally, the solution to stop all of this homegrown, white terrorism = ban all legal guns.

And there it is. This is merely manufactured outrage over lies in order to scare people into accepting an anti-Second Amendment agenda. Wait a second, that kind of sounds like…

Never mind. Here’s a video debunking the “no background checks” myth. Learn something.

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