Emergency: As Waco Atrocity Cover-up Unravels, Murder and Intimidation Follow


For Immediate Release: March 19, 2000

Contact: Alex Jones 512-443-5856

Emergency: As Waco Atrocity Cover-up Unravels, Intimidation and Deaths Follow. ALEX JONES THREATENED, SHERIFF HARWELL DEAD.

As the Waco wrongful death suit progresses, death and destruction follow.

Jack Harwell, Sheriff of McClennan County (Waco) for many years, had called Branch Davidian and Waco Siege survivor Clive Doyle early last week to say he wanted to meet with him because "the death of all the children (killed at the Waco siege of 1993) was starting to weigh on him." Harwell told Doyle that he wanted to meet with him to talk to him about the case and the trail and "some other things."

Harwell died Thursday morning of a heart attack. He would have been a key witness in the wrongful death suit filed by the Branch Davidians’ attorneys. (Please read Waco Tribune-Herald’s Article: "Officials from throughout state to attend Sheriff Jack Harwell's funeral" and Harwell's Obituary.

Another Key witness for the plaintiffs in the Branch Davidian wrongful death suit, Dr. Edward Allard nearly died last week when he suffered a serious stroke. Dr. Allard is considered to be the world authority on infrared imaging systems, holder of three patents on FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) technology, whose designs are in use in all US military aircraft and equipment that use FLIR . Allard has analyzed FLIR footage taken by British Special Air Services working for the FBI in 1993 and has concluded absolutely that the video clearly shows military death squads either Delta Force, Hostage Rescue Teams, or both firing with wanton abandon, hundreds of times into the Branch Davidian Church. Dr. Allard has stated, "this type of behavior, men running up and down the building, firing automatic weapons into a church is disgusting." Allard remains in critical condition after his stroke.

Both of Harwell and Allard were to be key in proving that the Federal Government premeditatedly murdered the Branch Davidians and then systematically obstructed justice and engaged in huge cover-ups. Now Allard is fighting for his life and Harwell is dead.

The numbers of dead surrounding the Clinton administration and all of its crime syndicate scandals has swollen to legendary proportions: Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Jim McDougal…the names go one and on. (Please go to Clinton’s Body Count for a list of related links)

Gennifer Flowers stated on CNBC last year that the reason she was going public about the other deaths surrounding people that tried to expose corruption in the Federal Government was that she knew that it was one of the only ways to protect herself from the most deadly of reprisals.

Alex Jones in the past six months, on his unlisted phone line has received numerous death threats from anonymous callers. Who ever they are, they are well positioned. Once, while engaging in a phone conversation with former government agents, there was a loud buzzing noise on the line, someone came on the line and said "you better watch your ass…you better f***ing stop what you’re doing" – then there was something that Jones can only describe as a power surge that went through the phone, a loud buzz and all the phones in the house went dead for five minutes.

Recently, at Mount Carmel, a couple who had been around the Site for some weeks, publicly, in front of witnesses, with zero provocation, told Alex that "he would soon be dead," then pulled out a butcher knife and jabbed it towards his chest. The couple then admitted that they were agents and told him that "he didn’t have long to live."

Jones has maintained his silence, during the last six months about the escalation and seriousness of various threats he has received, not wanting his listeners/viewers/readers to be intimidated into inaction. Now, Jones says he has to go public, because that, in fact, is the best form of protection. He says, "the reason Waco is so important and that government will stop at nothing to hide the truth from the public, defame those who speak out or, yes, even kill them is because the trail of murder leads directly back to the White House and the young Clinton administration, anxious to build up a popular police state in America. "

"The Davidians were the sacrifice, but something went drastically wrong for them – good people have stepped forward, honorable men like Jean Cullen, former Head of CIA Global Security Operations, who has testified to Congressional sources and has also been deposed by one camp of the Branch Davidians lawyers. Cullen has testified that while on foreign operations as he was directing Delta Force Operations Delta Force agents repeatedly bragged to him about killing Branch Davidians. I’m sure it is just a coincidence that Mr. Cullen has had to go into hiding in a Congressional safe house under the protection of Senator Grassly. Mr. Cullen as well as Senator Grassly’s office have confirmed that the reason he has gone into hiding is that the FBI threatened Cullen and Cullen’s young sons’ safety to Mr. Cullen’s face."

Others are now stepping forward with information that incriminates the government, such as Sgt. David Keys,17 Year Veteran of the Texas Department of Public Safety, who told lawyers that what appeared to be a body and a missing door were spirited away from the Waco scene just before troopers took over the Mt. Carmel site from the FBI. Keys also testified that he overheard FBI agents talking about a fire fight taking place in the rear of the "compound," where the government has insisted that no gunfire took place, despite infrared evidence to the contrary. (Read Newsmax.com's article "Feds Spirited Body, Door Away at Waco, Trooper Says")

Alex Jones says, "Now this Byzantine house of cards is coming down for the Clinton Administration and they have become even more dangerous." Clive Doyle, surviving Branch Davidian agrees with Alex Jones that a Press Conference needs to be held concerning not only the deaths, but the way that Michael Caddell, the supposed lead attorney for the Branch Davidians, has been allowed to completely take over their case and to run it into the ground.

This is a quick release to let people know what is going on. It is issued as an insurance policy and as an alert that evil is running absolutely rampant in this country. More details will be released in the next few days concerning the Press Conference. Please visit Alex Jones’ web site home page at for further updates. Media interested in scheduling and interview with Alex Jones should call 512-443-5856 or contact him via email at alex@infowars.com.

Alex Jones continues to spearhead the church rebuilding effort on Mount Carmel. An expert on civil liberties issues, constitutional rights, and the transformation of our country into a police state, Alex Jones at 26 has gained national attention for his work. Alex Jones is syndicated nationally to over 40 commercial stations across the country by the Genesis Communication Network. For more information on Alex Jones, breaking news and more, visit his web site www.infowars.com. For more information on the Genesis Communication Network go to www.gcnlive.com.




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