Democrat VP candidate Tim Kaine interrupted Republican opponent Mike Pence a total of 72 times during Tuesday night’s debate, a video from the GOP asserts.

The interruptions made Kaine come off as scared and desperate, according to political pundits including many supportive of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“A little desperate there, jumping in all the time, always trying to get his points in,” said MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. “He didn’t wait his turn. Obviously, if he had just waited his turn, the back-and-forth nature of this kind of event, he would have had his opportunity. I don’t know why he kept interrupting, because with two people debating, the other guy gets the chance to speak. He couldn’t wait for that. I think that hurt him.”

NPR also wasn’t sure what to make of the Kaine spectacle.

“It was unclear whether Kaine’s hypercaffeinated performance was a strategy for keeping the upper hand or just a case of overeager performance anxiety. It may have had elements of both,” noted NPR’s Ron Elving, adding that the senator sounded like “a kind of jukebox of Trumpian gaffes.”

After conceding victory for his running mate, presidential candidate Donald Trump said Tim Kaine should not have been allowed to interrupt as much as he did.

The Republican nominee also pointed out a tweet claiming the debate moderator interrupted Pence more often than Kaine.

Twitter users also highlighted the absurdity of Kaine’s numerous interruptions:

WATCH: Why Does Hillary’s VP Keep Interrupting Mike Pence?

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