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February 1, 2010

Debra Medina speaks to the press after the Belo Debate (Texas gubernatorial Republican primary). Video by David Barrow 01-29-2010.

Apparently, she dominated her GOP competition so badly that sitting Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Hutchinson decided not to appear in the post-debate conference.

Part One

Tea Partier Takes Texas Governor’s Race By Storm

Jackson Williams
Huffington Post

Two weeks ago, I wrote that the top Republican candidates for governor of Texas actually lost their nationally televised C-SPAN2 primary debate to a tea party upstart named Debra Medina. She was cool, calm, collected (and, of course, nuts).

Guess what? It happened again Friday night. This is getting fun.

[efoods]The national media has covered recent electoral challenges by tea partiers around the country (NY, Florida, etc.), yet not the unfolding insurgency in Texas. This is odd considering that the well known repubs in the governor’s race are so high profile.

If you like politics, it’s nothing short of fascinating to watch the Republican Party, and not just in the South, be taken over by its burgeoning Ron Paul wing.

Part Two

George Butler Interviews Debra Medina 1/29/2010

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