Authoritarians target new media by destroying First Amendment
April 24, 2014

Nearly twenty years after the Clinton administration’s vain attempt to control the media, politicians are now simply trying to regulate free speech out of existence due to the ever-increasing influence of the alternative, real media.

A heavily censored version of the Bill of Rights. Credit: / Flickr
A heavily censored version of the Bill of Rights. Credit: / Flickr

As reported earlier today by Paul Joseph Watson, the ‘Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014,’ introduced in both the U.S. House and the Senate, would grant the federal government broad powers to chill the First Amendment.

The bill targets “hateful activity on the Internet that occurs outside of the zone of the First Amendment protection,” according to Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, the chief sponsor of the House version.

But as we’ve constantly seen in the past, big government advocates like to label political dissent as “hate speech.”

In one notable example from last May, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly showed an image of Alex Jones during his show with a caption entitled “Hate Speech.”

Of course, O’Reilly never presented any evidence.

That’s because many mainstream media pundits, operating in the best interests of the elite, want you to look away from the alternative media and the unbridled truth that it brings.

They constantly criticize the real media in order to protect the galactic level of fraud seeping throughout government.

Similarly, back in 2010, Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker referred to the alternative media as being similar to “terrorism.”

“It’s, sort of, like terrorism,” she told CBS correspondent Bob Schieffer after he suggested that constitutionalists engage in “nasty rhetoric” on the Internet. “You know, we don’t know where to aim our bombs, so we can’t go after a country because there are – you know, there’s no one place to focus on it.”

“And it’s the same thing with – with the Internet. You can’t really – you don’t know who to go after.”

Not surprisingly, the Clinton administration had the exact same fears about the Internet nearly 20 years prior.

“The Internet has become one of the major and most dynamic modes of communication,” read a report entitled Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce, written by former President Clinton’s advisor Chris Lehane who devised ways to control the media. “The Internet can link people, groups and organizations together instantly. Moreover, it allows an extraordinary amount of unregulated data and information to be located in one area and available to all.”

And that’s the exact opposite of what the D.C. establishment wants.

“…As long as people are marginalized and distracted and have no way to organize or articulate their sentiments, or even know that others have these sentiments… [they] assumed that they were the only people with that crazy idea in their heads,” Noam Chomsky wrote in his book Media Control.

Interesting enough, Chomsky wrote the first edition of Media Control before the explosion of the Internet and his following statement from the book reveals the true intent behind the ‘Hate Crime Reporting Act of 2014.’

“Since there’s no way to get together with other people who share or reinforce that view and help you articulate it, you feel like an oddity, an oddball,” he stated. “So you just stay on the side and you don’t pay any attention to what’s going on.”

“You look at something else, like the Superbowl.”

To sum that up, the establishment wants to go back to the days before the Internet when politicians had better control over information and thus the population as a whole.

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