In all their boundless wisdom, it was noted by our Founding Fathers that human nature imbues us with a tolerance for suffering, as well as a contentment with the societal paradigms under which we operate. Along with our core American values – self-reliance, tireless work ethic and belief in the virtuousness of mankind in general, to name but a few – these inherent “defense mechanisms” have served us well through many individual and national hardships.

The degree to which we suffer may ebb and flow over time, like the tides and seasons of nature itself, but it is a delicate balance that must be observed with vigilance. After all, the level of suffering must remain in tune with our higher aspirations as a living species in this universe. Just as excess interference can result in the destruction of natural ecosystems, so too can excess interference result in the destruction of entire civilizations. If we know our history, we should know this fact all too well.

As to the warning signs we are advised to heed – of impending, or even incremental, ruin – let us turn to those “unalienable rights” our Founding Fathers so astutely and succinctly circumscribed as “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” If our current state of affairs begs anything of us, as faithful American citizens, it is precisely this: An intimate reexamination of, and appreciation for, these principles once held so dear – which will thereby lead us to discover the most painful truth of all.

That is, the fact that our path to true happiness has been obstructed; that our liberties have been mercilessly stripped away; and that our very lives now hang in the balance …


We find ourselves under attack from every conceivable angle.

If the rigors of fetal development are to be survived in good health, we now must consider ourselves fortunate to be born into this world at all.

For we are subject to the whim of our own progenitors, who have been conditioned to assume each new life is burdensome to the species as a whole.

Of course, once our infant lungs have filled with air – and our bodies adjusted to a new environment – the fight is only then begun in earnest.

Needles shoot our veins full of deadly chemical and biological cocktails, administered with good-willed ignorance on behalf of sworn eugenicists.

And, indeed, the very air we breathe – not to mention the water we drink and the food we eat – is also laden with toxic and otherwise unnatural substances. Many are considered unavoidable byproducts of modern industry, and human progress itself (i.e., hormones and genetic modifiers), yet others – dioxins, pesticides, heavy metals, PCBs – are deployed purposefully, with full knowledge of their ravaging effects. In particular, the infusion of our municipal water supplies with fluoride is nothing short of chemical warfare.

If this weren’t enough, we now must consider ourselves fortunate to escape childhood without being kidnapped, abused, sold into slavery or outright murdered – not by individual psychopaths among us, but by psychopathic institutions of government (i.e., Child Protective Services).

After all, the average citizen is punished for such behavior, while the agent of government is richly rewarded.

Even the most seemingly innocent hallmarks of childhood have been subverted, perverted and otherwise turned against us. We have been so conditioned to demand cheap consumer goods – and laud “free trade” – that our sons and daughters unwittingly navigate a mine field of toxins and choking hazards every time they delve into the toy box. All the while, the continuum of peril grows ever-wider. Marketers relentlessly target our children with injurious products – from cancer-causing mobile phones and ultra-violent video games to mind-numbing cartoons and “junk food” bereft of essential nutrients – to name but a few.

As we come of age, we are also beguiled to destroy our own bodies and minds with hazardous drugs, both illegal and legal. In the case of the former, our government’s own supply chain affords easy and virtually unlimited access to narcotics such as cocaine and heroin, while their taxpayer-funded propaganda campaigns encourage us through basic reverse psychology (to which adolescents are especially prone). In the case of legal prescription and over-the-counter drugs – many of which flow to market in spite of proven catastrophic effects – we are targeted openly and without shame, through both paid advertisements and media propaganda. In short, our politicians, regulatory agencies, researchers and doctors have been compromised – bought and paid for by the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry.

At the same time we are being tempted by a deadly smorgasbord of pills and powders, our bodies lay prostrate to disease. We are deprived access to vitamins and nutritional supplements that have legitimate disease-fighting benefits – while even basic information about so-called “alternative” or “homeopathic” remedies is suppressed or derided as mere quackery.

Of course, modern science has yielded a vast array of truly beneficial medicines, which both prolong and improve quality of life. And yet our healthcare system has been rigged in such a way as to favor corporate profit over individual wellbeing. The industry has been artificially restricted, thus forging monopolies. Billions of dollars are spent marketing new drugs, which are prohibitively expensive. Meanwhile, millions of people – far too many of whom are elderly – have seen their healthcare benefits (i.e., Medicare) severely reduced or eliminated. It is now commonplace for sick and dying Americans to modify their medicinal regimens to fit their shrinking budgets – cutting pills in half, skipping doses or foregoing treatment altogether in lieu of groceries. Many wise men have said, one of the best ways to judge a culture is by how they treat their elders. Well, ours are being systematically euthanized.

Regarding euthanasia specifically, we have been so alienated from our tribal instincts, and so desensitized to the value of human life, in general, that we have all-too-readily accepted a State-controlled, institutionalized order of death. Even those who accept full responsibility for the palliative care of their loved ones, often find themselves overruled by the State, which claims to have their best interests at heart. In figurative terms, they have merely covered a demon’s gnarled claws with latex gloves. Their intent remains unaltered: To kill with extreme prejudice.

While one cannot deny that valiant doctors, nurses and paramedics save countless lives each year – again, the system within which they operate has rapidly become more and more antithetical to the common good. Increasingly, only those with ample means can afford the latest diagnostic and operative procedures, while even well-funded hospitals find themselves bogged-down with uninsured, illegal immigrants thanks to our open-borders policy. Not medical professionals but bureaucrats and corporate executives now ostensibly dictate who lives and who dies – while even universally accepted treatments for cancer and other terminal diseases result in more dividends for shareholders than for patients.

The vast majority of us are conscientious, law-abiding citizens. But now, if our self-preservation instincts remain active, we must fear accidentally running afoul of the law – or even being suspected of doing so. Quite simply, this is because any confrontation with law enforcement officers (formerly “peace officers”) is tantamount to a game of Russian roulette. “Pain compliance” via electro-shock devices, truncheons, fists or jackboots has become commonplace for the most benign offense – or no offense whatsoever – while police units continue a militarized “arms race” of unprecedented proportions. Further, as we have observed the police and military becoming two heads of one tyrannical monster, it begs the question: Who is the enemy? And, of course, the answer is obvious – we, the American people, are the enemy.

And thus, we can only reasonably conclude that these institutions no longer swear allegiance to our Republic or its Constitution.

This is not to say that every individual within the police/military system is corrupt or wicked. Quite the opposite, in fact. Few realize that they unwittingly serve evil agendas, and even fewer realize what their elite global taskmasters have in store for them. Not only are they are targets of the most powerful and insidious brainwashing of all, they are treated as laboratory animals, to be maimed and killed by experimental drugs, vaccines and bioweapons – without any apparent conscience or remorse.

Last but not least in this all-important category, we address the subjects of State-sponsored terrorism and wars of aggression. That is to say, murder – for the purposes of serving the State’s political, ideological and financial agendas. It is an unconcealed fact that our government has facilitated, coordinated or otherwise conspired in numerous “False Flag” attacks in American history: The USS Maine. The Gulf of Tonkin. The USS Liberty. Cubana Flight 455. And, of course, the ultimate “catalyzing event” as foreshadowed by the Project for a New American Century:

September 11, 2001 (9/11).

In the interest of brevity, we shall discuss only 9/11 and the wars it precipitated.

The evidence is clear, abundant and indisputable that high-ranking officials within our government (and likely other governments, as well) were involved in the 9/11 plot, while nearly every aspect of the “official story” is contradicted by the facts. It is hardly a comfort for us to know the truth, but we are nonetheless grateful for the brave men and women – police, firemen, military and intelligence officers, scientists, architects, engineers, pilots, professors, journalists, authors, filmmakers and many others – who have brought this painful truth to light. For truth, itself, is arguably the most powerful beacon we have against darkness – against evil.

The 9/11 attacks resulted in the murder of almost 3,000 Americans – and the slow, often painful, deaths of thousands more heroic “first responders,” who were not informed of the toxic dust in New York City. The total number of casualties may not be known for decades, but it will likely number in the tens of thousands.

The 9/11 attacks were then used by our government as a pretext to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. These undeclared, unconstitutional wars have cost the lives of thousands of American troops and over one million foreigners – the vast majority of whom being “innocent” non-combatants.

Further, our government claims Afghanistan and Iraq are key fronts in an open-ended, loosely defined “War on Terrorism.”

As of August 2008, it appears the geopolitical stakes are being raised to unprecedented levels by rogue elements of our government. All indications show that the “South Ossetian War” between Russia and the Democratic Republic of Georgia was, in fact, instigated by Georgian forces – at the express direction of American and Israeli military/mercenary personnel. At this time, the full motives and ramifications of this criminal, wanton provocation remain unknown, and we can only pray the conflict does not escalate into a conventional World War, much less a thermonuclear holocaust.

Although this catalogue represents but a thumbnail sketch of the federal government’s assault on American life, we deem it quite sufficient – in and of itself – to justify this historic Declaration.

Sadly, however, there is more cause for outrage …


Our government has created a sinister myth: That foreign enemies despise us for our liberty. And that, failing in their attempts to kill us outright, these “terrorists” will allegedly stop at nothing to snuff out the freedom we so dearly cherish. Yet, recent experience has proven a cruel irony – that, in fact, it is our political conspirators themselves who wish to enslave us for the sake of national security. So, indeed, those who most hate our freedom are the terrorists. And those who most hate our freedom are the enemy …

Through passage of draconian legislation, namely the USA Patriot Act of 2001 and the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 (a.k.a. Patriot Act II) – and the aggressive implementation thereof – our government has laid waste to the Constitution of the United States.

In particular, Amendments I, II, IV, V, VI, VIII, X and XIV have been bastardized, undermined or otherwise usurped. Some of the most egregious manifestations of this include: Unlawful harassment, interrogation, detention, imprisonment and torture; Unwarranted surveillance; Illegal search and seizure of property; And illegal gathering, warehousing and use of personal data – including our own children’s genetic material.

Of course, that’s not to mention an unbridled orgy of fraud, embezzlement, extortion, racketeering, bribery, drug trafficking, money laundering and insider trading. Whether directly or indirectly, this ongoing pattern of corruption erodes the freedom of every American, and jeopardizes the very way of life for which our ancestors made the ultimate sacrifice.

To our ongoing amazement and indignation, these governmental and corporate criminals are seldom held accountable, much less punished.

This, while the number of “ordinary” Americans being incarcerated – most for non-violent offenses – has continued to explode. In fact, the United States now has more prisoners than any other nation on earth – and in spite of having less than five percent of the total world population, we have roughly a quarter of the world’s inmates.

But millions upon millions of so-called “free” Americans are victims of a more esoteric form of imprisonment. Supra-governmental entities – namely banks – have been allowed to gain a stranglehold on the American economy, one depositor, investor and borrower at a time. What’s more, it is now a proven fact that the Federal Reserve Bank has willingly and purposefully devalued the U.S. dollar, which shackles the financial independence of every hard working American.

In summary, we now live under a despotic system of justice. Everywhere we turn, we are faced with a juggernaut of intimidation and oppression. We are guilty until proven innocent – or, in some cases, guilty in spite of being proven innocent. The end result is nothing even closely resembling justice – and a society that has all the classic markings of a fascist police state.

We are not willing to relinquish our liberty for security – or anything else for that matter. To echo the words of the great American patriot, Patrick Henry, we would rather take our last breath in defense of liberty than have none to defend at all.


We hereby declare ourselves awakened to the true meaning of happiness. That is, the state of celebrating and relishing the beauty of the human experience, completely separate from its material trappings.

Over the past few decades, we have been lulled into a false sense of reality. Our natural human instincts have been pared down, leaving a hollow core of greed, decadence and jingoism. Immorality is the new morality, sex the new love and division the new unity. The fundamental belief most Americans hold in common is no longer marked by freedom and justice but by superiority and dominance.

Now we, the American people, are the very ones being dominated – and our “path to happiness,” has been rendered virtually impassible by a myriad of treacherous obstacles.

From a young age, the majority of our children are processed through an authoritarian combine known as the public school system. The stated goal is to quash individuality and dismantle ambition, producing a subservient working class. During these, their most formative years, our sons and daughters are indoctrinated into the scientific control grid of our federal government – and, indeed, the New World Order itself. As they learn revisionist history and fuzzy math, they also learn to spy on their friends, neighbors and even their own parents, while being spied on themselves – virtually at all times.

Meanwhile, artificially induced fear of predators and litigious neighbors has resulted in a cultural sea change. Outdoor games, bicycle-riding and other forms of “free play” are now regarded with quaint atavism, while our children increasingly become prisoners in their own homes. Of course, this is only made tolerable by the hypnotic flicker of video monitors. In a state of narcosis they stare at mind-numbing television programs, video games, personal computers and various mobile devices for hours each day. In every case, these technological proxies for life experience forge artificial links to our humanity – links easily dissolved and reconnected at the whim of those who generate mass media.

And if all that were not insidious enough, our children now find themselves beset upon by predatory drug dealers (not the least of which are physicians and psychologists), fraudsters and pornographers, not to mention military recruiters.

Once out from under their parents’ roofs, almost all but the “moneyed classes” among us enter a world of institutionalized debt and repayment. In a particularly cruel irony, the descent into total enslavement and the so-called “American Dream” follow the very same track.

From college to marriage to home ownership to starting a family, layers of debt and servitude are piled on with reckless abandon. The result is that we are increasingly forced to sacrifice our loftiest dreams and aspirations for a decent paycheck and health insurance benefits.

Needless to say, this scenario is not altogether new. Our forbears prided themselves on working hard, fulfilling obligations to their creditors and amassing wealth to pass on to the next generation. However, they also took pride in knowing that their government lead by example. But no longer. By facilitating a rampant looting of our economy by corporate sociopaths, our government has now virtually assured our children will be far “worse off” than we are today … that is, if they even survive to reach adulthood.

All that being said, we recognize it is not happiness itself, but merely the pursuit thereof, which is a guaranteed right. How we each define happiness and choose to attain it should be our own prerogative – yet, as long as no harm is being done to our fellow man, we expect government will stand out of our way.

Sadly, our expectations are no longer being met in this regard. Thus, if our government will not extricate itself from the fulfillment of our destiny as individual American citizens – and human beings – we have no choice but to extricate ourselves from the influence of our government.


This “long train of abuses and usurpations” – while by no means a full accounting – represents an inexcusable betrayal of the American people. Throughout this document, we have repeatedly referred to the perpetrators as “our government” – but, alas, this is no longer an accurate designation. The men and women we have elected to public office no longer represent the public interest – our needs, our health and safety, our freedom or our happiness. Thus, they no longer represent this great Republic itself.

For that, we rebuke them and hereby declare their authority invalid. We cannot, and will not, tolerate their despotism – and the immeasurable anguish it has caused – any longer. We will not stand idle as our American sovereignty is sold to the highest bidder, nor will we allow the fate of the entire human race to be sacrificed at the unholy altar of the New World Order.

In 1776, our Founding Fathers made an irrevocable commitment to risk everything – indeed, their very lives – to achieve victory over their oppressors.

And after much bloodshed, suffering and thoughtful deliberation, they made a declaration: The time had come for a revolution.

Well, we now stand shoulder-to-shoulder with those brave patriots, across the span of centuries, and declare that “the time” has come again in the year 2008.

Let the revolution begin.

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