In these troubled times we the free peoples of the world must declare our independence from principalities, powers, tyrants and taskmasters.

We reaffirm that these truths are still self evident, all men are created equal with unalienable unchangeable rights; these rights are bestowed by God and include life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Nobody has the legitimate authority to grant, withhold or relinquish these rights; the task of government is to protect them. Any government that fails to do so loses its legitimacy and it is the duty of the governed to replace it, peacefully or otherwise.

Since the 1776 Declaration of Independence, and before, plans have been laid and put in motion for the total enslavement of the human race.

Plans which are largely fulfilled. The ultimate intention of these complex and interlocking criminal enterprises is the slaughter of eighty to ninety five percent of free humanity and the eugenic degradation and slavery of the remainder. Leaving the authors of this demonic undertaking, and their simpering technocrats, to inherit the golden future which they have so greedily envisioned. They call it the New World Order

The men and women who direct these plans have an ancient pedigree, of which they are inordinately proud. Their Houses are steeped in the most wicked esoteric law and knowledge that they and their forefathers have been able to gather. These Houses of murder hide themselves behind the laminated smiles of bought and paid for politicians and journalists. They sit in compounds surrounded by guards, protected from the world they believe they own and the chaos that their agents weave. They consider themselves safe from the justice that they deserve. They are the Globalists and must be stopped

We do not call for the peoples of the world to unite, because that is part of the plan for our destruction. We do not call for violent revolution, because it is a tool of the Globalists. We do not call for a single leader, a single movement or a single issue upon which to base our efforts.

Such lone pillars, no matter how strong, can be under mined or simply chopped down. We encourage many pillars separate and in groups.

Our most devastating weapon is information; under the clear sunlight of exposure the New World Order will wither and die. The Globalists will slip back into their dark holes to nurse their malice in silence and it will be the future’s job to keep them there.

The crimes of the Globalists are multifarious. Their agents can be found behind almost every famine, pestilence, war and untimely death.

Before all the world becomes a victim of the New World Order its crimes past, present and future must be revealed to anyone who will listen, and those who will not. They that would set their face against the Globalists must pick a crime and never let go, tear away the foundations of

the pyramid and let the capstone fall and shatter. There are many crimes worth attacking each contain a cornucopia of lies, murder and theft all worthy of exposure. These crimes include the following:

Fermenting war for financial and political advantage. To the Globalist war is a great game; its victims are nothing more than pieces on a chessboard. They have set us against each other on innumerable occasions waiting to exploit the exhaustion and horror of the survivors to advance their New World Order.

In addition they have profited, and allowed their minions to profit, from the carnage of war. From selling arms to both sides of a conflict to supplying defective equipment they have betrayed the soldiers they so piously and publicly declare their support for.

Poisoning the earth for eugenics and profit. While preaching the religion of environmentalism they have poisoned our water, corrupted our food and contaminated our air. This pollution which is belched out into the air and water and spread upon the land is slowly killing us, and yet those who profit from it tell us we are to blame.

Strict and innumerable environmental laws and standards allow them to drive industries into cheaper less regulated countries. Selective enforcement of such laws and standards enable them to cripple potential competition while continuing to pollute our planet.

Destroying the social structures of humanity. In order to leave the people cold and alone in the face of their tyranny they seek to abolish the family and debase anything that they do not control. They have used the media to encourage the break up of the traditional family through divorce, gender politics and alternative lifestyles.

Fearing that any organisation might be used to resist them they have sought and still seek to co-opt anything from Churches to terrorist groups, so that these organisations might become their tools.

Establishing a brutal tyranny in every corner of the earth. Throughout the world surveillance cameras are multiplying, identification is becoming compulsory, bureaucracy and laws are crafted to make everyone an offender and police, clad in black with little regard or accountability to the citizens, are appearing on every street corner. All of which is made politically feasible by government sponsored, false flag, terrorism and unrest.

Gun confiscations and campaigns for civilian disarmament are gaining momentum. The Globalists don’t want their intended victims to defend themselves.

Seeking to destroy free speech. The ability to exercise the right to speak freely is a precious and rare gift. The Globalist are afraid of exposure, they must silence the awakened and lull those that are still asleep.

Despite their free speech zones, hate laws and control of corporate media they are still losing the information war. The free internet has made information easily accessible, but the clamp down has begun, their long planned ‘internet two’ is on the horizon, where they will set the agenda.

Perverting human ingenuity. They have used our own brilliance against us, or kept its fruits for themselves. They have put some of our best scientist and engineers to work designing a high tech prison in which to enslave us, wasting vast resources in the process.

The Globalists have happily resorted to human experimentation, teaching their scientific cadres an unhealthy disrespect for human life. They have greedily horded technology with the potential to set us all free from pollution, disease and want. Such technology will be part of their utopia, but we will not.

Practicing unspeakable perversions. They have, and continue, to engage in the most diabolical behaviour it is possible to imagine. Slavery, Paedophilia, Torture and Human sacrifice are all freely indulged in behind the shiny facade they have erected around their dark underworld.

More over they have allowed, and encouraged, their minions to join them in such behaviour. Blackmail being a powerful guarantor of loyalty.

They wish to infect the minds of the people with their evil ideologies. By using the corporate media to sell such things, most notably torture, to an often hapless audience.

Stunting the intellectual growth of our children. They have used their government schools, not only as hunting grounds for future minions, but as brainwashing factories. Teachers who fervently believe they are educating their charges are in fact workers on an assembly line turning out androgynous slave drones

They have used the media to inculcate children with their chosen agenda. Seeding children’s, and adults, television with everything from environmentalism to the police state.

Eating out the financial substance of the people. With taxes, fines, fees and swarms of bureaucrats they seek to destroy the middle class, and prevent new ėlites from arising to challenge them. They gather money from the people, often the least able to pay, at the point of a gun and lavish it on corporate welfare and foreign wars.

They allow, and often encourage, the wholesale looting of public funds. Hoping to spread corruption and complicity, upon which they thrive.

The Globalists capacity to wreak the above havoc, and more, is dependent on the willingness of others to serve them. If the Soldiers, Police, Bureaucrats Technocrats, Journalist and Politicians refused to cooperate then there would be nothing to fight but a small cabal of largely senile old men. Many who serve the New World Order are unaware who their dark masters are, some don’t care and others are afraid knowing the possible fate of refusal or rebellion. They must be made aware that they will become, or already are, victims of the New World Order regardless of their service. We must cure their ignorance with knowledge and their fear with anger.

Finally a message to the willing servants of the New World Order who will not, or cannot, be cured. You will not take our rights, nor will your masters, you may succeed in violating them for a short time. But the stroke of a pen or the muzzle of gun can not abolish our unalienable rights, we still posses them even if you fail to acknowledge it. For the sake of your family, friends and immortal soul turn away from evil, there will be no reward only the pit that awaits your dark masters. God ordained that we should be free, you cannot stand against God.

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