There comes a time when a governed people must assess their government and hold it accountable if it is determined that this government is operating in direct opposition to the freedoms and protection of the people it was originally purported to serve. If, by this assessment, it is determined that the government is not functioning on behalf of the people, but that it instead is found to be hostile to its people and their freedoms, then those same people of the nation have a right and duty to take a stand and declare that government to be illegitimate and no longer binding on the people it has betrayed. We the people of the United States of America declare that this is now our time to take a stand and reform our government with a return to the Constitutional Republic form of government upon which our nation was originally formed and intended to remain under. We declare the current government to be illegitimate and formally declare it as being adverse to the people it is by design supposed to protect and serve. It is a government that now serves private, foreign interests and international banking families and is pushing policies and procedures that are adverse to the freedoms of the people who are subject to its tyranny. This government is detrimental to rather than the champion of the people of the United States of America. It no longer protects the sovereignty of the United States, but rather has become an agent of change resulting in the demise of the nation through covert and open operations that have attacked the infrastructure on multiple fronts of “global governance” Hegelian dialectic processes. Congress in general has failed to do their duty and represent and protect the people and has allowed abuses by the sitting President and Vice President and those under their influence, all of them serving private elite interests working against the benefit and protection of the United States and its people. These abuses are at once criminal and treasonous and those in current power who have been progenitors of these abuses or who have allowed these abuses to be carried out should be tried and held accountable for their offenses against the Constitution and people who have and continue to suffer under their tyranny. It is our right as a nation of people and our goal to immediately end the current and illegitimate form of tyranny represented by the current government and to actively bring about a return to the formal and rightful government which has been undermined, reinstating the proper checks and balances and the return to a legitimate representative form of government. In keeping with the original Declaration of Independence by the people of the nation in 1776, we will outline our specific grievances below.

For the abuses and dictatorial power claimed by the sitting President of the United States in the form of myriad signing statements that are contrary to the provisions established in the Constitution of the United States and show a blatant disregard for the legitimate checks and balances established to prevent such tyranny.

For illegally attacking and subsequently occupying Afghanistan under false pretenses and without a formal declaration of war as required by the United States Constitution

For illegally attacking and subsequently occupying the country of Iraq under false pretenses and without a formal declaration of war as required by the United States Constitution. For the one million plus deaths to innocent Iraqi civilians as a result of this illegal occupation and for the ongoing policies of torture and detainment policies of the illegitimate governing criminals who are pushing inhumane and destructive policies on the civilians of Iraq.

For the abusive policies of the military leadership towards the military service men and women who are purposefully being injected with shots containing harmful and sometimes deadly material and for knowingly allowing them to be exposed to harmful depleted uranium. For requiring them to serve unreasonable extended tours that are demoralizing and destroying their lives and families. This represents blatant disregard for human life and willful intent to harm Americans in military service.

For working secretly to bring about the North American Union by covertly merging the United States, Canada and Mexico into one body without getting the consent of Congress and the People of the United States. This “evolution by stealth” of the Security and Prosperity Partnership is treasonous and the un-American participants should be tried as traitors for their efforts to erode the sovereignty of the United States and circumvent the will of the people and the legitimate governmental processes. .

For spying on the American people illegally with secret government programs and operations that directly violate the privacy and freedoms that are supposed to be protected by the United States Constitution. The government now regularly illegally circumvents the Constitution openly with illegal activities such as wiretapping, internet and email monitoring, opening U.S. mail, and other violations of the protected rights of we the people of the United States.

For ongoing militarization of the local and state police resulting in policies that encourage officers to abuse their power and violate the rights and humanity of the citizens who are supposed to be protected by the power entrusted to them. Instead American citizens are increasingly subjected to tyranny as we see the United States morphing rapidly into a police state serving the ruling elite foreign and domestic private interests at the expense of the citizenry.

For refusing to be transparent with regards to secret meetings and declarations. Congress is prohibited from even reading certain measures that outline government structure.

For dictatorship declaration in the form of Presidential Decision Directive 51, The Military Commissions Act of 2006, and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007.

For the illegal and unconstitutional Federal Reserve private banking cabal that continually works to the detriment of the American people, while working for the international banking interests to bankrupt the United States and weaken it as a sovereign nation.

For engaging in propaganda campaigns using false news stories to influence and shape public opinion or topics from the war in Iraq to gun control legislation.

For ongoing corruption of the voting process as represented by governmental involvement in voting fraud as evidenced by Diebold in its programmable voting outcome. This means the American people no longer have confidence that their will their voice will be heard. This criminal infringement ensures criminal government power holders can continue to see to it that only their chosen few get and maintain power.

For violating Constitutional right to bear arms for residents during the Katrina occupation after the hurricane devastated the area. Residents who were in unaffected areas who had decided to stay and protect their homes were forced to leave and their arms confiscated.

For illegally detaining, torturing, and in some cases killing individuals without due process of law or evidence to support the incarceration. So called “rendition” flights have proven to be a form of terrorism this current government is engaged in against innocent people.

For being unduly directed by small elite interests represented by the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and other think tanks of the international banking families. The false right/left Democrat/Republican choices paraded in front of the American people are in general serving the same interests, with little exception or choice to true representation of the American people. The same elite interests utilize their controlled mass media propaganda and voting manipulation to attempt to keep true champions of the American People and the Constitution of the United States from obtaining office.

For allowing private government contracts to organizations involved in proven criminal activity to continue to hold their contracts and be paid by the American taxpayers. An example was DynCorp’s exposed involvement in child kidnapping rings and slavery of women and children and being permitted to continue as a highly paid government contractor. For the illegal and unconstitutional Federal Income Tax that steals earned income from each American citizen under a false system that has been pushed as a legal and rightful one, but in fact is not declared by law. Income is the private property of American citizens, and the Federal Income Tax works hand in hand with the Federal Reserve to enrich the traitors who are feeding off of the well meaning American people to bring the United States to a full collapse to bring in a One World System.

We the people of the United States of America do now declare our rights to end this unconstitutional and illegitimate form of government that is currently in place and destroying the United States through the above mentioned treasonous and tyrannical activities. The government is no longer for the people, it is run by and for elite private interests, and this fascist military industrial regime must be stopped immediately. Our United States Constitutional checks and balances have been defeated with the use of continual corruption, bribery, and a systematic overthrow of our legal and proper form of government. Criminal agents who are representing their international banking interests now run the government for the small circle of financial elite and against the American people. We must now install a legitimate government that protects the American People with sound money policies and with a dissolution of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank and Federal Income Tax, two obscene entities that work against the American People and for the private banking interests and their government agents who have been abusing the power We the People have entrusted them with. We demand that our men and women return from the illegal occupation of Iraq on behalf of the same international banking interests and that America policy returns to a policy of non-intervention, a return to trade policies that protect and benefit American industry rather than puts American industry out of any fair chance to survive and prosper as we have seen

under the un-American NAFA and GATT policies that have proven to be a deadly cancer upon the American economic system. It is our intent, at whatever cost necessary, to return to a government bound to serve and protect the American people and adhere to the Constitution of the United States.

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