The signers of the Declaration of Independence clearly asserted the
rights of mankind and the role that governments have in protecting those
rights. But here we stand, early in the twenty-first century, witnessing the
alarming expansion of governmental power and erosion of individual rights.
Wise to the ways of oppressive government, the founders of the united States
of America placed a higher value on individual liberty and living under a
Republican form of government than they did on loyalty to their country.

They advised future generations to do the same when they enunciated
the self-evident truths that governments “derive their just powers from the
consent of the governed,” that governments exist specifically to secure
individual liberty, and “that whenever any form of government becomes
destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to
abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its founding on such
principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem
most likely to effect their safety and happiness.” The founders also
reminded us of our “right” and “duty” to throw off a government that
appears, through a “long train of abuses and usurpations” of individual
rights, to be moving by design toward “absolute despotism.” In one instance
the advice is to alter or abolish a form of government; in another it is to
throw off the government itself. We do not wish to throw off our Republican
form of government, but rather to restore it, and to rid ourselves of the
politicians, bureaucrats, laws, and policies that have themselves thrown it

Have we forgotten that the advantages of self-government can exist only as
long as the limits of self-government are respected by those in office? Can
we not see the danger in wrongly assuming that the flames of freedom kindled
many centuries ago are inextinguishable? Tyrants and despots will always
appear, cloaked by false benevolence and supported by a tremendous financial
power whose interests are at odds with those of the people. There is no
force other than us protecting our rights, and the preservation of our
freedoms requires our eternal, tenacious attention and jealous vigilance.

The great thinkers of bygone ages treated this subject with
infinitely greater felicity and wisdom than we can, and we humbly summarize
their sentiments for today’s audience, much of which seems oblivious to the
message. The roster of natural rights is long, and there is danger in
composing a list unaccompanied by a disclaimer that it is not all-inclusive.
The list of rights we hereby claim is of necessity abbreviated.

Thus, we hereby assert that Nature has granted mankind collectively and each
of us individually, so long as we refrain from infringing on the rights of
others: the right to enjoy the full benefit of our labor; the right to
express ourselves freely; the right to worship who, what, when, where, and
as we please; the right to engage in activities we believe will lead to our
continued liberty, security, prosperity, safety, and happiness; the right of
privacy in our homes, our effects, and our communications; and the right to
begin our lives free from debt.
The Power that granted us life granted us at the same time liberty
inseparable from that life. We thus claim these rights not as a gift from
government or from noble Declarations of our ancestors, but from the laws of
nature. Governments can either respect or violate these rights; they cannot
grant them or rescind them. Truly, no power in the universe can rescind
them, not even the Grantor. Natural rights are unchangeable, immutable, and
resistant to the whims of bureaucrats and politicians, whereas the powers
bestowed by the people upon those in government are variable and transient.
But we must remain aware that while governments cannot change or repeal
natural law, they can and have violated it throughout history, and there is
little consolation to those who have lost their liberty in knowing that
violators of natural law will ultimately answer to the Supreme Judge of the

Let us express our concerns to the world with the confidence and freedom of
language befitting a free people asserting their natural rights, and without
fear of retribution. For though freedom of expression has been ominously
curtailed, and discourse such as appears herein involves an element of risk,
any punishment meted for the expression of these sentiments will only serve
our cause, as it will substantiate one of our most critical assertions: that
freedom of expression today exists only at the pleasure of a few.

History has shown that nearly all government is misgovernment and that
calamity results when the fruits of men’s energies are diverted to
gluttonous bureaucracies. The inevitable result for the mass of mankind is
perpetual debt and servitude. Yet if there is a condition more dreadful than
servitude and bondage, it is being born into it. The power to force
indebtedness onto future generations is the power to enslave them; the power
to absolve future generations from indebtedness not of their making is the
power to liberate them. We must choose between being the enslavers or
liberators of future generations, truly the most innocent of innocents.
Our honor will not permit us to sentence future generations to this wretched
condition. Are we to allow the children of our children’s children to be
born with yokes on their shoulders and bits in their mouths, condemned to be
driven by those who abuse the power entrusted to them? If we do, we will
have sentenced our progeny to a miserable existence, and the guilt and
disgrace would be unbearable.

Nor will our honor permit us to allow the victory of our forebears over a
previous tyranny to be a temporary one. A great many women and men took up
this struggle, for us, at a time when we were a future generation. Will we
dishonor our ancestors, our progeny, and ourselves? Will we squander our
rich inheritance? What shall we hand off to our children — a torch burning
with the light of liberty, or a stick charred black with its pathetic

Those entrusted with the highest offices of the government of the United
States of America have proven themselves, as evidenced by a long, unbroken
history of provocations and wars — declared and undeclared; by the illegal
practice of eavesdropping on and storing of our communications; by the
enactment of policies that have brought the nation to the brink of
insolvency and condemned its citizens and their progeny to a state of
everlasting indebtedness; and by a pattern of consolidating ever-increasing
power into the federal government, to be destructive of the security,
liberty, prosperity, and happiness of the mass of the American people. They
boast of the freedoms they provide and protect for us, and they talk nobly
of spreading democracy around the globe, yet they subject us to unwarranted
surveillance and condemn Americans yet-to-be-born to the wretched condition
of indebtedness from birth to grave. By abusing their oath to uphold the
Constitution of the United States, and by enacting laws and implementing
policies detrimental to the interests of the people, they long ago withdrew
if not from the Republic, then from their sacred compact with its citizens.
Through their actions they have tacitly renounced the Republican form of
government established by our ancestors; it is we who strive to restore it,
if not within this Republic, then within another.

Let us list, then, the abuses and usurpations of agents of the
federal government, including elected officials, bureaucrats, and members of
the military and intelligence agencies:

They have caused our national debt grow to an amount impossible for us ever
to repay, ensuring it will be passed on to future generations.

They have caused the liabilities for future obligations to soar into the
scores of trillions of dollars, a liability impossible for future
generations to meet and assuring their everlasting indebtedness and

They have monitored the communications of American citizens without a court
order, in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

They have created secret laws, through the issuance of legal
opinions, executive orders and signing statements that for years were kept
from the public.

They have used military personnel and equipment to collect
information on civilians within the United States, in violation of the Posse
Comitatus Act.

They have unconstitutionally created a central bank and granted it
the power to create money out of nothing and backed by nothing other than
future promises to pay, resulting in perpetual devaluation of the currency
and a permanent state of indebtedness.
They have caused a large portion of our military to be stationed overseas
for many decades, at great expense to us in terms of money and security.

They have committed the nation to many entangling alliances to the
detriment of our sovereignty.

They have directed communications companies to create an illegal database of
private information of American citizens, then granted immunity to those
companies after federal laws had been violated.

They have continued to allocate massive military resources to the occupation
of a sovereign nation, long after confirming that their pretext for invasion
was erroneous and long after a majority of the American people indicated
their disapproval.
They have remained silent while the most elementary of evidentiary
procedures were ignored, and the most basic of investigative questions have
gone unanswered, regarding the attacks of September 11, 2001.

They have illegally and indefinitely detained United States
citizens and foreign captives, without charge, and subjected them to
systematic abuse.

They have through various subsidies encouraged illegal immigration to the
United States.

They have planned, as evidenced in unclassified documents in the National
Security Archives, attacks against American citizens on American soil, and
against American military installations on foreign soil, to use as a pretext
for the invasion of a foreign country.

It is neither our desire nor interest to separate from the United States,
but when the only alternative that remains other than separation is eternal
indebtedness and submission to a government that recognizes no limits to its
powers, then separation it must be.

Still, our preference is the restoration of our current government to its
Republican form through the democratic process, and we will work diligently
toward that goal in the November, 2008 election. We will vote for, and only
for, candidates for Congress who pledge to: vote against any bill,
regardless of its merits, if the Congress is not expressly empowered by the
Constitution to make the law; vote against any bill that would result in an
increase in taxes, the annual budget deficit, the national debt, or the
nation’s unfunded liabilities; support action against any state that
violates any part of the United States Constitution, paying particular
attention to the clause in Article I, Section 10 that mandates: “No State
shall . . . make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of
Debts”; co-sponsor bills to repeal the USA PATRIOT Act, the Military
Commissions Act of 2006, the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism
Prevention Act of 2007; the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 2008,
and the Federal Reserve Act and all of its amendments; co-sponsor a bill to
repeal legal-tender laws and allow for private, competing currencies;
co-sponsor bills to eliminate the personal-income tax and the Departments of
Internal Revenue and Homeland Security; co-sponsor a bill requiring the
United States to withdraw from alliances and treaties detrimental to her
sovereignty, including but not limited to the United Nations, the World
Trade Organization, NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT; and support constitutional
amendments to prohibit the federal government from borrowing money,
chartering a central bank, taxing personal income, or subsidizing any
industry or sector of the economy. Likewise, we will reserve our votes for
President of the United States for candidates who pledge to: veto any
legislation that is not in harmony with the Constitution of the United
States or that would result in an increase in taxes, the budget deficit, the
national debt, or the nation’s unfunded liabilities; sign any legislation
that is in harmony with the Constitution and principles of limited
government; and respect all Constitutional limits, particularly regarding
the use of military force and the civil liberties of American citizens.

Acknowledging the difficulty in electing in the next election enough
candidates to effect the changes we desire, we will immediately begin
organizing ourselves at the local, county, and state levels with an eye
toward forming a new Republic, and setting as our goal a meeting of
delegates at a constitutional convention on or before August 15, 2009.

With the humility befitting a people accepting one of the great
challenges of mankind’s history; with the comfort we take from the knowledge
that our mission is in harmony with the laws of nature; with the deepest
admiration for those who through the ages have taken up this greatest of
causes; with love and hope for those who are yet to enter this realm; and
with the deepest commitment to the entire body of patriots who by joining
this cause risk their freedom, we hereby pledge that we will put the
restoration or formation of a Republican form of government above all other
worldly interests until such time as the blessings of self-government have
again been bestowed upon our people.

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