I, a sovereign person of this world, do declare that I will no longer be the slave
of those that would rule me by force.

I will no longer sit idle while my fellow human beings are subjected to oppression
and tyranny.

I will stand united with those that support the idea that ALL individuals are
sovereign and equal, that being controlled by force and/or deception is contrary to
human dignity.

No longer will I submit to wars, taxes, subjugation through ‘living wages’,
propagandistic educational systems, deceptive media, private monetary systems,
lying/unaccountable representation in communal matters, nor any other contracts I
have not personally approved.

I pledge that I will not resort to the tactics of my enemy, but will resist by
non-compliance to the directives of those trying to be my master.
I will make my decision known by speaking out to all who will listen.

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