From Stefan Molyneux:

Big media formed a digital lynch mob, attacking students from Covington Catholic High School on the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

That mob and the press that supported them threatened to destroy the young reputations, lives and futures of these students.

The Free America Law Center will provide critical support for the attorneys and experts representing Covington.

Robert Barnes of Barnes Law received a groundswell of support for the Covington fight and for the broader fight against the three “D’s” of deplatforming, defamation, and deep state whistleblowing.

“What happened to the Covington Boys should never happen again,” said Barnes.

“People across the country emailed me. They phoned my offices, asked me in person the same thing: “Is there an organization out there willing and ready to defend people against defamation & deplatforming?’ In response to their requests, I co-founded just such an organization. Now it up to the people to help us by becoming members of Free America Law Center so we can all democratize & equalize the law for all the people.”

FALC’s current legal battles include Covington, a case for deep state whistleblower Robyn Gritz against the FBI, high profile libel cases for high profile media members, and class action cases against social media to come.

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