WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Trump has now successfully implemented the first counter-intelligence step required to defeat the coup d’état the Deep State is undertaking with the mainstream media over alleged “Russian collusion.”

With a successful first stop in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, President Trump has sounded the alarm over radical Islamic terrorism, capturing headlines in the U.S. and around the world over the prospect of recruiting the Sunni states, including Egypt, to rally around Saudi Arabia to counter Sunni terrorism in the form of ISIS, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as Shi’ite terrorism exported by Iran.

Today, President Trump is in Israel, carrying a message that eliminating radical Islamic terrorism will require Israel and the Muslim states in the region to work together.

Now, the Trump administration must begin back home to successfully implement Counter-Intelligence Step #2, using the power of the presidency to silence the mainstream media.

The mainstream media depends on daily news attacks that advance the “Russian collusion” meme with disclosures sufficiently alarming to dominate the news cycle for at least 24-hours.

It does not matter to the MSM that the daily news attacks be true, just that the new disclosures advance the “Russian collusion” meme that the Deep State is betting will advance to the level where the American public will demand that Trump be impeached.

So, while Trump was dominating the news cycle in Saudi Arabia, the MSM pounced on the news regarding former FBI Director James Comey’s announcement last Friday that he would testify in public to the Senate Intelligence Committee after Memorial Day.

On Friday, New York Times reported a leak based on anonymous sources stating that Trump told Russian officials in the White House during a meeting the previous week that firing Comey had relieved “great pressure” on him, with Trump supposedly stating in an unpublished document, “I just fired the head of the FBI.  He was crazy, a real nut job.”

The point of the leak is to portray Comey as a victim, advancing the meme that Trump fired him to shut-down the FBI investigation into the Trump campaign (and possibly now the Trump White House) in the “Russian collusion” meme, for which there is yet no evidence.

To be effective, the second counter-intelligence step must seek to silence the MSM ability to produce daily news that advances the meme with spectacular disclosures.

How is this possible to do?

Until Trump fires all White House employees with any tie to the prior Obama administration and/or the Clinton presidential campaign, controlling White House leaks will remain impossible to do.

Even after all Obama/Clinton loyalists are fired out of the West Wing, Trump will need to reduce the White House staff to an historically small group, such that he can be confident of the loyalty of each person remaining.

If the Trump White House cannot stop leaks, the administration must begin to release its own series of “bombshell” announcements designed to fight back for control of the daily news cycle.

This can be accomplished in part by the White House leaking counter-intelligence disclosures on the Democrats that the MSM cannot ignore.

For instance, in the next few days, Infowars.com plans a series of investigative reports detailing the extensive ties that establish Comey as a Clinton-fixer, who has been rewarded handsomely for his efforts, since first working in the Clinton Justice Department in the 1980s to make sure Hillary was not indicted for crimes involving her role in the Whitewater scandal.

Another approach would involve the White House allowing the MSM “find out” legal briefs are being prepared to provide the Special Counsel with information designed to expand the investigation into possible collusion between Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, and the DNC with the Russians that dates to technology (and uranium) transfer to Russia under the “reset” policy with Russia that Hillary implemented as secretary of state.

The White House press office should begin issuing daily press releases detailing requests being made by the White House legal counsel for the FBI to investigate the following:

1. The extent to which the Obama administration had the Trump campaign under FISA-authorized electronic surveillance;

2. The extent to which the Obama White House had “unmasked” the identity of Trump campaign principles under electronic surveillance; and

3. The extent to which reports with Trump campaign officials “unmasked” were distributed within the Obama administration, as well as to the press.

Holding daily press conferences with the MSM sitting in the first rows of a crowded press room attached to the White House elevates the front line of the Deep State/MSM coup to an underserved level of respect.

If the pro-Clinton, pro-Obama jackals of the MSM are shut-out from attacking the White House press secretary on a daily basis, the MSM loses an important stage on which to be viewed live, in real time on cable news.

MSM White House correspondents should be treated as enemies, not honored celebrities, if MSM White House correspondents are resolved to act as enemies.

Answering “gotcha” questions only serves to advance the coup’s narrative; ending daily press conferences is an important point to silencing the MSM by making MSM White House press correspondents the outsiders they truly are.

Right now, a limited number of reporters are traveling internationally with President Trump.

When President Trump returns to the United States, the White House press secretary should announce that the White House press room in the West Wing is being closed for renovations.

The White House press secretary should also make clear that coincident with the closing of the West Wing press room, the White House is undertaking a policy review to revise procedures for White House correspondents to obtain credentials and to participate in daily press briefings.

When the new policy is announced, the West Wing press office should be closed, with a new press office opened in the Executive Office buildings across the street from the White House.

Further, with daily press briefings suspended, the White House press office will supply White House correspondents with printed announcements only.

The new White House press office opened in the Executive Office buildings should be auditorium style, designed to accommodate several hundred press representatives.

White House television correspondents seeking to broadcast from the White House lawn need to be moved across the street, to a designated area outside the White House grounds.

The ability of Internet-based news agencies to obtain White House credentials should be greatly expanded, reducing the hold MSM newspapers, network television news, and cable network news have on front-row status to dominate news conferences by asking the first questions.

Today, MSM White House correspondents are utilizing the daily press conference as an opportunity to continue the Deep State “resistance” campaign by asking a series of “gotcha” questions aimed only at developing inconsistencies and/or White House explanation shifts that can be exploited by the MSM to perpetuate their “impeachment-oriented” strategy of perpetuating a hostile White House press environment.

In summary, Counter-Intelligence Step #2, “Silence the MSM,” involves

  • The White House producing its own daily “Breaking News” releases attacking the Democrats and demanding an expanded DOJ investigation into Obama administration “Russian collusion,” and
  • The White House revising the rules for White House correspondents, ending daily press briefings and moving the White House press office off site.

In short, the White House must take control of the news cycle, limiting the MSM’s daily ability to attack President Trump in a cozy MSM-dominated press room facility located within the White House, where White House “leakers” are conveniently within reach.

The White House must seek to bring criminal charges against leakers, including leakers that “unmasked” Trump officials during the presidential campaign.

In short, the White House must set the rules for all White House correspondents so as to take control of the White House news cycle and to silence the MSM broadcasting from the White House for once and for all.

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