WASHINGTON, D.C. – The coup d’état plan being implemented by New World Order elements within the Deep State in concert with the corporate-controlled mainstream media depends on successfully perpetrating the disinformation “Russian Collusion” big lie as the pretext upon which to impeach President Trump this year.

President Trump’s Counter-Intelligence Step #1 is a function of President Trump’s power as U.S.A. chief executive to change the subject, forcing the Deep State and the Mainstream Media to focus their time, attention, and message not on the “Russian Collusion” meme, but on a theme of President Trump’s choosing.

Never forget, among the massive powers of the presidency under the Constitution, the president in foreign affairs is Commander in Chief, and in domestic affairs the counterpart of Chief Executive Officer.

On Wednesday evening, the FBI Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to serve as special counsel to oversee the “Russian Collusion” meme.

Mueller is a professional, appointed FBI director in 2001 by President George W. Bush, who steered FBI through 9/11, shifting the FBI from a bank-robbing investigative agency to develop counter-terrorism abilities.

At President Obama’s request, Mueller stayed on as FBI director for two years after his 10-year term, resigning in 2013,

Mueller is a career prosecutor, a Marine Corp veteran of the Vietnam War, who is widely respected in Washington as a career prosecutor.

Appointing Mueller as Special Counsel takes the “Russian Collusion” drum-beat out of the hands of the Deep State and MSM seeking to impeach Trump, shifting the entire investigation out of the domain of partisan politics into the hum-drum reality of a criminal investigation in which the wheels of justice can be expected to grind exceedingly slowly.

Had President Trump opposed the appointment of a Special Counsel, the Deep State and MSM would have taken the decision as an admission of guilt – an excuse to beat the impeachment drum louder, seeking to bring a House of Representatives impeachment investigation against President Bush to fruition this year.

While Mueller may reach a conclusion this year, there is no time limit placed on his Special Counsel investigation, nor is there any restriction from Mueller examining whether the Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and John Podesta, were the politicians actually colluding with the Russians during the 2016 campaign.

The Deep State and MSM just got bushwhacked by a skillful “change the subject” move engineered by President Trump’s White House.

To understand how effective changing the subject can be, consider North Korea, a developing nuclear threat where President Trump has positioned military forces for a potential military strike.

To counter the North Korean nuclear weapons threat, President Trump has dispatched the U.S. Navy aircraft carrier Carl Vinson to stay in waters near the Korean peninsula indefinitely, given North Korea’s most recent test of a Hwasong-12 ballistic missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon that reached a peak altitude of more than 1,300 miles before landing 489 miles away.

To protect South Korea, President Trump has deployed to South Korea a military defense battery operating the Terminal High Altitude Defense System, known as THAAD.

When cruise missiles are flying toward North Korean military bases and U.S. Special Forces operating to make sure North Korea’s nuclear weapons capabilities are destroyed, the American public will not be able to focus on the Democratic Party’s efforts to bring impeachment proceedings against President Trump because of suspicions he colluded with Russia to steal the election from Hillary.

It is important President Trump’s action is limited to attacking North Korea’s nuclear weapons capability, falling short of a land-war invasion of North Korea launched by U.S. troops.

To avoid a “Wag the Dog” syndrome, President Trump must explain to the American people the threat is real and the need for immediate military action was compelling, fully within the president’s constitutional authority under Article II of the Constitution.

This week, President Trump departs on his first overseas foreign policy trip as president, with an itinerary that includes Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the Vatican, ending with a planned visit to Brussels, Belgium for a meeting with NATO leaders on May 25, ending in Sicily, Italy, at the G7 meeting on May 26 –  a trip with historic significance that will be certain to capture headlines in the United States as well as around the world.

The point of Counter-Intelligence Step #1 is to take action that takes control of the news cycle, forcing the Deep State and Mainstream Media co-conspirators to abandon their “Russian Collusion” meme to cover your news – a foreign policy agenda that comports with President Trump’s public policy objective of keeping America safe from foreign threats.

Beginning serious discussions in the Middle East between Israel and the Palestinians, or getting Saudi Arabia to take serious steps to control Wahhabi radicals would be compelling news – as would be the articulation of a new balance of power structure in the Middle East that abandoned military action in Afghanistan in exchange for Russia agreeing to contain Iran.

In 1986, when President Reagan met with Gorbachev in Reykjavik, Iceland, “Star Wars,” America’s Strategic Defensive Initiative (SDI) dominated the news cycle, with the MSM forced to cover the summit and its failure to come to an agreement.

Only the presidency is capable of bold foreign policy action and this is a card controlling the news cycle that President Trump needs to learn how to play to his advantage – silencing lying, no-evidence memes aimed at destroying his presidency.

On the domestic side, President Trump has limited ability under the Constitution to force the Congress to pick up the pace needed to deliberate on President Trump’s legislative agenda, including replacing Obamacare and passing historic tax cuts.

What President Trump can do is implement various Executive Orders he has already signed that advance the administration’s domestic public policy objectives.

So, on March 13, Trump signed an Executive Order mandating a “Comprehensive Plan for Reorganizing the Executive Branch.”

President Trump could have various Cabinet members announce plans making dramatic Reductions in Force (RIFs), downsizing agencies unpopular to Trump’s base, like EPA or the Department of Education, to a shadow of their former selves.

Even if signing and/or implementing Trump’s various Executive Orders risks new controversies, President Trump will force the Deep State and Mainstream media to shift focus from the “Russian Collusion” meme to attack each new step the administration takes to act by Executive Order.

If the American people see the Executive Orders as increasing domestic security, reducing crime, building new jobs, reducing government expense, or a host of other important domestic policy goals, the executive orders will be popular with Trump voters, even if the establishment elites on both coasts support the Deep State/Mainstream Media agenda.

One final caution is that the public policy decision President Trump makes to change the subject must be calculated to appeal to his voter base.

So, a decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord will appeal to Trump’s conservative and libertarian base, forcing the Deep State and MSM to rush to support their now-failing “global warming/climate change” ideological agenda after Trump has announced his conclusion the anthropogenic causal argument is backed only by “junk science.”

A decision to stay in the Paris Climate Accord would depress Trump’s base, encouraging the Deep State and MSM to believe that Trump was more vulnerable to impeachment than ever, given the almost certain drop in approval ratings that would result.

In the background, the Trump administration can lawyer-up, seeking the advice of top private law firms, to make sure witnesses brought forward by Democratic Members of Congress to advance impeachment efforts are countered in Congressional hearings by facts and evidence that slows the advancement of their lying “Russian collusion” meme.

Countering the Deep State and the MSM by fighting a street-by-street battle in Congressional hearings is a type of hand-to-hand combat that delays the advancement of the “Russian Collusion” meme, rather than trying to make the meme go away by arguing alternative facts as an overall theory of political reality.

In summary, Counter-Intelligence Step #1 demands President Trump continue to take steps using his executive action authority to change the subject to shift the news cycle away from the “Russian Collusion” meme.

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