‘House of Horrors’ doctor charged with killing live fetuses with scissors

Paul Joseph Watson
March 20, 2013

The defense attorney for an infamous Philadelphia abortionist charged with snapping the necks of newborn babies with scissors has ludicrously claimed that the prosecution of Dr. Kermit Gosnell is “racist” because he is black.

Dr. Kermit Gosnell. Image: YouTube

Pandering to a largely black jury, attorney Jack McMahon stated, “This is a targeted, elitist and racist prosecution of a doctor who’s done nothing but give (back) to the poor and the people of West Philadelphia…It’s a prosecutorial lynching of Dr. Kermit Gosnell.”

According to the charges, Gosnell’s act of ‘giving back’ to the community included severing the spinal columns of at least seven newborn babies with scissors, and instructing his employees to do the same. He is also charged with killing 41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar by injecting her with a lethal dose of anesthesia and painkillers.

Gosnell also tried to force women who didn’t even want an abortion to go through the procedure. “When I said no, the doctor got upset and he ended up taking my clothes off, hitting me, my legs were tied to the stirrups,” Robyn Reid told ABC News. “I just remember my very last thought … looking up at the light and thinking, ‘Don’t fall asleep.’”

A 281-page Grand Jury report details how Gosnell’s Philadelphia Women’s Medical Society clinic, which had not been inspected for 17 years, was a literal house of horrors.

“In their raid on Gosnell’s clinic, federal agents discovered, among other horrors, the remains of 45 infants dumped in milk jugs, juice cartons, and pet food containers — all stored in a refrigerator and freezer on the premises,” reported The New American. “Agents also found jars containing the severed limbs of babies, and conditions they called ‘by far, the worst’ they had ever seen, with blood on the clinic floors, ‘filthy and unsanitary’ surgeries, broken and dirty medical instruments and equipment, along with a ‘stench of urine’ and even cat excrement.”

According to Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore, Gosnell performed risky and substandard abortions on poor women, including killing babies that were born alive, in order to make money. Gosnell’s staff comprised of unlicensed individuals posing as medical professionals, some of whom were high school dropouts and could barely read or write.

“The standard practice here was to slay babies,” said Pescatore, “That’s what they did.”

The Grand Jury report speculates that Gosnell and his cohorts probably killed hundreds of babies outside of the womb and that his specialty was inducting labor and delivery of fetuses over 24 weeks old, but since most of the clinic’s files were destroyed, the scale of the horror remains limited to eight counts of murder.

Gosnell’s ability to evade scrutiny for so long led prosecutors to “accuse government officials of allowing Gosnell’s operation to go undetected because the Heath Department and other entities failed to perform inspections at the facility.”

“I think it’s obvious he will be found guilty,” John Stanton of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “It’s pretty much an open-and-shut case that he violated laws in such a manner that he is guilty of the charges laid on him.”

Rather than answering the charges against Gosnell, McMahon’s pathetic attempt to have them dismissed by playing the race card is a damning indictment of how political correctness has been hijacked and is being exploited to destroy logic.

The fact that Gosnell faces the death penalty for murdering newborn babies with scissors is ironic given that abortionists routinely use an almost identical method to kill fetuses that are still inside the womb, by jamming scissors into a baby’s skull before opening them and then using a suction catheter to suck out the brains of the fetus, causing the skull to collapse.

Gosnell’s actions are described as a “horrific crime” and yet when the same hideous procedure takes place inside the womb, it is celebrated by liberals as a sacred “reproductive right”.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

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