Skateboarders in California cleared sand from a skate park in San Clemente, after the City of Los Angeles dumped the gritty substance throughout to discourage its use during the coronavirus lockdown.

Footage on Sunday showed several skateboarders shoveling out loads of sand, clearing out entire sections of the park, in defiance of the city’s order.

The act of defiance comes mere days after viral footage showed a bulldozer contracted by the Los Angeles Department of Parks and Recreation distributing sand throughout a skate park in Venice Beach.

“We’ve had continuous violators … and we want them to stop,” a spokesperson said at the time. “We want them to follow the orders because the skate parks are closed until further notice. It’s for the health and wellness of all L.A. residents.”

Local governments are evidently unaware of the rebellious nature of skateboard culture.

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story claimed the skate park in the video was in Venice Beach. The actual park was in San Clemente.

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