Kurt Nimmo
April 4, 2013

Mayor Dennis P. Williams. Photo: City of Wilmington, Delaware.
The hypocrisy of the gun-grabbers knows no bounds. Dianne Feinstein has no problem ordering Mr. and Mrs. America to turn in their guns while brazenly admitting she had a firearms permit.

The same goes for Wilmington, Delaware mayor Dennis P. Williams, who is a member of New York mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a national campaign to restrict the Second Amendment under the cover of preventing the spread of guns the government insists are illegal and, of course, protecting the children.

Williams is a former cop with a Delaware concealed carry permit. He doesn’t carry when he is accompanied by his security detail, but packs when visiting tough Wilmington neighborhoods. He also carried a firearm on the House floor back when he was a state representative.

“Did John Wayne carry one in the cowboy movie?” Williams asked when quizzed about the firearm. He wouldn’t answer questions about the gun except to say “it’s a firearm that works.”

Delaware House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf said he may look into banning firearms in the legislature after it was discovered Williams packed on the House floor. Schwartzkopf, however, gave the mayor a pass. “That’s Dennis. He comes from inner-city Wilmington, and it’s a lot of things going on up there,” he said.

Thomas Shellenberger, a member of the Delaware State Sportsmen’s Association, also said he does not have a problem with Williams carrying. “It’s like a white cowboy hat. It’s a sign you’re one of the good guys,” Shellenberger said.

As a member of Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Mr. Williams believes your right to possess a firearm should be severely restricted. The organization wants to close down the so-called “Gun Show Loophole,” in other words restrict your right to sell a firearm; disallow interstate concealed carry of firearms by individuals who hold valid concealed carry permits (the “Thune Amendment”); and make it a crime to not report to the government stolen or lost firearms.

The organization, of course, supports the current move by Obama and Democrats in Congress to outlaw semiautomatic weapons and so-called “high-capacity” clips and institute a mandatory universal background check system that will register all firearms ahead of confiscation.

Mayor Williams is another politico who believes he has special rights and your rights – natural rights endowed by the Creator – should be eliminated or at least seriously restricted.

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