The Labour leader shocked many by starting an interview with Sky News by saying: “We have been elected to…”

He continued by outlining his plans for a Labour government and admitted he was ready to form a coalition with fellow Westminster parties.

He then reiterated “it’s pretty clear” Labour won the election.

Many of Twitter jumped on his comments to mock Mr Corbyn.

Adamjames4 wrote: “Wait, Corbyn thinks he has actually won and has been elected? Lol?”

Perradiablo said: “Corbyn seems to think he has won the election he keeps saying we were elected idiot you did not win you are not in Government.”

Derby_Dazzler added: Corbyn: “‘We have been elected to…’ Err, you haven’t.”

Edstradling said: “Corbyn starts interview with ‘What we were elected to do..’ Sure he had a good campaign, but he does understand that he still lost, right?”

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