Despite the media attacking Marianne Williamson as “kooky,” her authenticity explains her recent surge in popularity, which poses a problem for other Democrats who are facing a crisis in credibility with voters.

Williamson easily stole the spotlight after Tuesday’s Democratic debate, having become the most-searched-for candidate on the Internet – and having won the Drudge poll media outlets pay attention to as a quick gauge of voter interest.

Part of her success can be contributed to her actually standing out against the crowd of candidates who often gave scripted, canned answers throughout the debate.

But the main reason for Williamson’s success is because people see her as authentic; they may not agree with her, but they don’t think she’s putting on an act unlike most politicians.

This is an important point because not only is authenticity a key component of influence, it’s also what pushed Donald Trump ahead of the Republican field and into the White House.

Simply put, voters saw Trump as authentic in contrast to the average politician. They felt he believed in what he said.

Now, that’s not to say Williamson has a shot at the White House, but it does explain why the other candidates don’t have much better chances either; they’re campaigning as average politicians who put out a false front, which is exactly what Americans voted against in 2016.

Remember, voters once described Hillary Clinton as “dishonest” and a “liar.”

This might be an insurmountable problem for the current crop of candidates because their entire essence revolves around putting on a public front they believe will appeal to voters.

Case in point, Bernie Sanders doesn’t seem to have as much momentum now as he did in 2016, but recently he had to cut the hours of his campaign staff when they demanded a raise to $15 an hour, according to media reports.

That didn’t exactly make the standard bearer of socialism look authentic.

And do voters actually believe the 46-year-old Beto O’Rourke is being authentic when he’s skateboarding outside a Whataburger?

One thing is certain: he’s polling at near zero percent.

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