Democrat Councilman of Old Bridge, New Jersey, Mark Razzoli tore into the far-left of his party choosing identity politics over law enforcement during a council meeting last month, and video of his impassioned speech is gaining attention.

“When far-left Democrat politicians and other elected officials ignore laws that they don’t like, they encourage and perpetuate a spirit of lawlessness among their constituents with behaviors that are reckless and sadly, irreversible,” Razzoli said during the meeting.

“The reality is the sanctuary state is about identity politics, dimly veiled under the tactical agenda of the socialists who want to shame the public into believing anybody who opposes them are racist or xenophobic haters.”

Mike Nificent @mikenificent813 joins Will Johnson on The War Room to break down the culture warfare waged on the public in the form of race baiting and Identity politics by control freaks attempting to bind people to the Democratic party with guilt.

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