Kurt Nimmo
February 28, 2012

In an effort to get the war criminal Barry Obama re-elected in November, Markos Moulitsas has launched “Operation Hilarity,” a plan to exploit open primaries in Michigan, North Dakota, Vermont and Tennessee in order to get Rick Santorum nominated.

“The longer this thing drags out, the more unpopular the Republican presidential pretenders become,” Moulitsas writes from his bully pulpit at Daily Kos. “Just look at Mitt Romney’s trajectory, which followed Herman Cain’s trajectory, and Newt Gingrich’s trajectory, and Michelle Bachmann’s trajectory, and so on.”

Markos ignored the very real trajectory of Ron Paul just like his friends on the supposedly “liberal” side of the establishment media have ignored him. Ron Paul is the only antiwar candidate out there, but Moulitsas and his buddies are not interested in shutting down the murder of innocents, just getting establishment Democrats reelected.

Markos writes that if Democrats are “squeamish about this, just remember what’s at stake – not just the White House, but Nancy Pelosi’s gavel and a Senate run by Mitch McConnell. The weaker the GOP standard bearer, the better our chances in November.”

Markos – who was courted by the CIA and was a former Reagan youth who mysteriously experienced a sudden Democrat conversion – ends his plea by asking his loyal drones to donate five bucks to his circus sideshow.

Moulitsas’ stunt reveals that Democrats are not interested in ending Obama’s wars or rolling back the influence of Goldman Sachs and Wall Street on his administration, but merely making sure the Democrat flavor of the two sided establishment party retains its hold on Congress and the White House come November.

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