Appearing to take the show’s host by surprise, Henry Cuellar, a Democrat in Texas’s congressional delegation contended Saturday on CNN that in 2014, the conditions at detention centers holding unaccompanied and separated illegal-immigrant children were “kept quiet under the Obama Administration.”

That’s probably correct, but it should also be noted that enough info had leaked out that that the press, if it had been genuinely interested, could have investigated matters further, and clearly didn’t.

That Cuellar raised this point now shouldn’t be a surprise. In 2014, he bitterly criticized Obama’s handling of the surge of children crossing the U.S-Mexico border. A related July 2014 CNN story betrayed a great deal of hostility towards congressman for even bringing the matter up:


CNN reporter Halimah Abdullah’s clear message: How dare you criticize the President of your own party? This mindset  starkly contrasts with the heroic treatment Republican critics of President Donald Trump have received since his inauguration.

Cuellar reminded CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield of the Obama-era reality when she appeared to invite the congressman to agree that conditions now are as bad as they were then. But, he didn’t:

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