St. Louis’ Democrat Mayor Lyda Krewson is blaming guns for rising crime in the city and has a plan to offer free groceries to citizens who turn in their firearms.

Krewson is running out of solutions when it comes to the city’s homicide problem, admitting, “We can’t incarcerate our way out of this situation,” according to Newsweek.

Democrat State Rep. Bruce Franks of St. Louis criticized the mayor’s plan, saying, “I think she’s trying something she feels is going to be effective, but in reality we just know that [it’s] not.”

He pointed out the fact that most people will simply bring antique firearms or guns that don’t work anymore to trade-in for free groceries paid for by tax dollars while real criminals keep their weapons.

St. Louis will likely remain the murder capital of the country as long as they continue electing liberal politicians who push ridiculous  anti-gun policies such as the program proposed by Mayor Krewson.

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