Democratic strategists are fearful that the deluge of attention devoted to questions over Hillary Clinton’s health could cost her the election.

London Telegraph columnist Nick Allen, who is based in Washington DC, reports today that there are “Fears among Democratic strategists that the issue could become a sustained point of attack in the two months that remain until election day.”

In fact the controversy is so concerning to Hillary’s insiders that they have begun warning the mainstream media not to report on it.

The campaign is putting “pressure” on the press to dismiss the issue as a conspiracy theory or ignore it altogether, which is mostly what they’ve done.

However, the fact that 94% of the American people don’t trust the mainstream media means that when the press does “debunk” the story, it actually serves to give it more credence.

“They’re trying to stop it,” Clinton surrogate Jim Manley told The Hill. “I think they learned a long time ago that you can’t just ignore these things. There’s always a fine line between react or not, but in this day in age, to say nothing is often not the best way to go.”

One of Hillary’s problems is that she is being advised by people like 71-year-old James Carville and 67-year-old John Podesta, people too old to grasp how social media and the viral impact of memes can have in keeping a political campaign on the defensive.

This inability to gage what the correct response should be – if any at all – to the Hillary’s health controversy – is why Clinton’s riposte seems haphazard and clumsy.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

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