The War Party hates Tulsi Gabbard. The US Congresswoman continues to criticize the illegal effort to overthrow the Syrian government.

She did it in October on CNN, and she did it again Sunday from Paris.

After talking about the visa waiver program, she criticized US foreign policy in the Middle East and pointed out the ongoing effort to get rid of Bashar al-Assad is illegal and unconstitutional.

Democrat Gabbard and Republican Rand Paul are part of a small minority in Congress who dare go up against the establishment and the forever war agenda. 

Gabbard, a veteran who fought in Iraq, teamed up with Republican Adam Scott on Friday to introduce a bill to put an end to the effort to oust al-Assad.

During the interview in Paris, CNN’s Jake Tapper said “a lot of people say Assad is a bloodthirsty tyrant who has killed hundreds of thousands of his own people, how on earth could you want him to stay in power?”

“They said they same thing about Iraq, they said the same thing about Qaddafi in Libya,” Gabbard responded. “Look at the state of these countries today. They have been overrun and are filled with chaos. And ISIS and Islamist extremist groups have only grown stronger in these countries and terrorizing the people there.”

Earlier this month Gabbard pointed out the unconstitutionality of the war against al-Assad.

“The U.S. government has not declared war against the government of Assad, who is trying to hold on to power. Waging war against Assad is an illegal war, because there has been no war declared by Congress against the Syrian government of Assad,” she said.

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