June 8, 2013

Alex Jones and Infowars have posted a petition on the White House’s “We the People” site calling for Obama to resign.

Obama has violated the Constitution and the Bill of Rights numerous times, making him the most criminal president in history. From waging illegal wars and committing war crimes to wantonly violating the Fourth Amendment and actively plotting against the Second Amendment, he continues to flaunt the rule of law and commit impeachable offenses. It is well past time for him to go.

Here is the petition. Please sign it.

Of course, we realize that it is unlikely Obama will be impeached and he will certainly never resign. We are posting the petition in order to draw attention to crimes glossed over and even ignored by the establishment media. It is an effort to draw attention to the fact Obama has violated his oath of Office, has attacked the Constitution and betrayed the American people.

Nixon resigned and Bill Clinton was impeached for less egregious offenses. It is our duty to enumerate Obama’s crimes and call for his removal from office.

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