Unilever, a transnational corporation that donates heavily to Democrats, is pressuring social media to censor content it doesn’t agree with.

The corporation said it would stop advertising on YouTube and Facebook if it doesn’t combat “fake news, hate speech and divisive content,” catch phrases the establishment uses to describe anything that challenges the globalist narrative.

And Unilever is very much aligned with the establishment; the corporation donated to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee.

Besides that, do you really want a multinational corporation dictating morality and deciding what is “acceptable” to talk about?

“It’s actually the formula for a new colonialism in which the 21st-century corporate masterclass overseas a vast domain throughout the developing world from inside the safety and comfort of opulent boardrooms located in some of the world’s most important financial centers,” reported Zero Hedge.

And, true to the dark side of colonialism, Unilever was accused of exploiting Kenyan farmers and ignoring their sexual harassment claims.

According to the Irish Times:

A tea plucker, Ongeri is one of several people interviewed for this article who were frightened to give their real names and felt they must protect their identities. They wanted their stories to be known, however, following allegations in a disturbing report, soon to be published by a Dutch organisation, the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (Somo), into conditions at the Unilever tea plantation at Kericho in western Kenya.

Ongeri is paid 9.28 Kenyan shillings (7 cent) for every kilogram of leaves she gathers in a day. It amounts to less than 400 shillings (€3.10) per day, but a quarter of that regularly goes to supervisors, who demand bribes to leave her and the other women alone.

“When I was younger, they asked me for sex,” Ongeri says. “Now they just harass the older women, tell us that the tea we plucked is substandard or put us in charge of an area with no leaves, which means we don’t get anything.”

Here’s the bottom line: Unilever is a microcosm of globalism in which transnational corporations role play as “defenders of morality” while buying off politicians and ignoring the real abuses taking place in the developing nations they exploit.

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