Kurt Nimmo
July 14, 2010

More evidence there is little discernible difference between Republicans and Democrats. Long time archaic Senate fixture Carl Levin who pretends to represent the people of Michigan has called for stepping up the Pentagon murder campaign to violate Pakistan’s borders and kill its people.

Long time archiac Senate fixture Carl Levin shares a moment with “Bomb bomb bomb” Iran McCain and globalist minion Gen. David Petraeus.

“A leading Democrat said the U.S. should be more aggressive in conducting airstrikes against groups inside Pakistan that threaten the mission in neighboring Afghanistan,” reports Politico. “Sen. Carl Levin (D-Mich.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, told reporters Tuesday morning that the U.S. should go after groups like the Haqqani network that ‘directly threaten’ the mission in Afghanistan. Levin returned Monday evening from a trip to Afghanistan and Pakistan.”

Jalaluddin Haqqani was involved in the CIA-ISI effort in Afghanistan to humiliate the Soviet Union. The Afghan was cultivated as a “unilateral” asset of the CIA and received tens of thousands of dollars in cash, according to an account in The Bin Ladens, a book by Steve Coll. Haqqani helped and protected the infamous CIA asset Osama bin Laden. He was subsequently named military commander for another CIA contrivance, the Taliban.

“Jalaluddin Haqqani, first cemented ties with Osama bin Laden in 1986 when he was tapped by Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI, to build a cave complex in Haqqani’s territory along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border for training Arab volunteers to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan.” writes Jeffrey Dressler, author of a report on the Haqqani network.

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There is another reason Levin and the neocon version of the Democrats want to eliminate the so-called Haqqani network — the U.S. installed Afghan government and Pakistan’s military and ISI have deviated from the script and are attempting to cut deals with the resistance, including the Haqqani network.

The U.S. hates the idea of reconciliation with the Taliban because and such deal will defeat the plan to keep the “war” in Afghanistan going indefinitely. “Afghan officials seem nonplussed by the American skepticism, and are moving forward on multiple fronts, despite the American insistence that talks begin only after the U.S. military creates momentum in the Taliban’s heartland,” ABC News reported on June 29.

Installed Afghan leader and former UNOCAL employee Hamid Karzai knows the U.S. “effort” in Afghanistan will ultimately fail. He is attempting to build a coalition with the Taliban, even though they have attempted to assassinate him on several occasions.

Karzai faces the fate of of Vietnamese premier Ngo Dinh Diem, who was murdered in a coup sponsored by the CIA in 1963. “By openly criticizing the occupiers and reaching out to his old friends… he is desperately refashioning himself as the grand compromiser, hoping to strike a deal with enough of the Taliban to bring the insurgency under control,” writes Eric Walberg. “No matter how much he badmouths his patrons, he still figures it is less likely he will die at their hands than at the hands of the Taliban.”

Carl Levin, as a consummate insider and grocery clerk for the ruling elite, is not concerned with Karzai’s fate. His job is to keep the “war” on track. The CIA-ISI created Haqqani network and the Quetta Shurah in Pakistan “have long frustrated efforts to bring peace and stability to Afghanistan,” according to Politico — in other words, “peace and stability” of the sort the Pentagon delivered to Iraq with its one million plus dead and decimated public infrastructure.

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