Now that the Clinton machine powered by Goldman Sachs is leaving the socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders in the dust, diehard Hillary supporters are flocking to the corporatist Borg hive.

On Twitter, the “#iamwithher” tag is not quite trending yet—not like “#Republicans4Hillary”—but it is inching up.

Many tweets recycle stale old feminist rhetoric about the “first woman president” and try however feebly to regurgitate the mindless Obama enthusiasm of 2008.

Here’s a sample:

This trend will grow as the conventions conclude and the election approaches. A handful of neocons have voiced support for Clinton, but most Republicans find her utterly repulsive and will not cross party lines to vote for her to oppose Trump.

In the weeks ahead, after Bernie diehards accept his “revolution” is a lost cause, millions of his supporters will flock to Clinton—not all, of course, but enough to make a difference.

“The most well-tested electoral strategy for a Democrat would be to simply reassemble the Obama coalition of young people, white college-educated liberals, and minorities that delivered the presidency in 2008 and 2012,” the libs over at The Week suggest.

Instead of attracting disaffected neocons, “Clinton should be more worried about her left flank. She has generally won minority populations, especially African-Americans, but Sanders has dominated among young people, and she needs those voters. This primary has had big ideological and policy differences, and while Democrats generally like Clinton, she clearly isn’t the first choice of a big fraction of the party. Any sop to conservatives would risk bleeding left-wing voters who are already suspicious of her fairly conservative domestic record and hawkish foreign policy.”

It can be argued there really is—especially in regard to foreign policy—very little different between Democrats and Republicans. However, Clinton’s stale and entirely transparent feminist rhetoric may carry the day for many Democrats, especially if they wear blinders, as they are apt to do.

If they ignore Libya and endless war and concentrate on the facade of a “progressivism” that never truly arrives, then Clinton can march into the election with but one issue—anybody but Trump.

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