Earlier today, NY state Senator Kevin Parker told a Twitter user to kill herself in response to a tweet she sent.  Parker was reacting to a tweet written by Candice Giove, the deputy communications director for the New York state Senate’s Republican majority. Giove accused Parker of illegally transferring his parking placard to a different vehicle, and then parking it in a bike lane. Here is Parker’s response to the tweet:

Parker’s unhinged tweet isn’t even the most disturbing part about this story.  What’s truly unsettling is that Twitter is refusing to enforce their own policies against Senator Parker. Not only was Parker’s tweet completely against Twitter’s code of conduct, but Parker continued to post another two tweets further targeting Giove.

Although Parker deleted his tweet telling Giove to kill herself, he continued to attack her on Twitter. Parker’s original tweet was clearly against Twitter’s code of conduct, but continuing to target Giove after his deleted tweet was another blatant violation of Twitter’s policies. This begs the obvious question, why is Twitter refusing to enforce its own policies against Parker?

For many reading this article, the answer is already clear.  Twitter is refusing to enforce their policies simply because Parker is a Democrat. After all, what other reason could there possibly be?

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