Political correctness and the race agenda were in full swing this week in Austin, Texas, as local activists and the NAACP went ballistic over a parody sticker affixed to store windows.

The sticker claims to be sponsored by the city of Austin. This alone should be evidence enough the sticker is a parody, but despite this activists and Democrats demand an explanation from the city and are also calling for shutting down a business where one of the stickers was placed.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler was obliged to state the obvious. In a statement he said the party responsible for making and placing the stickers did not receive permission to use the city logo or did the city sponsor the effort as stated on the stickers.

The stickers appeared on at least six Austin stores and makes the claim the establishments are“exclusively for white people.”

The NAACP is now involved.

Democrat Dawnna Dukes is calling for one of the stores to be run out of business for having the misfortune of receiving the sticker.

“Some jokes just are not funny,” Dukes wrote on her Facebook. “If this is a joke at all, it is tasteless. Pardon mon française mais, I will be damned if this will occur in my House Disrtict, disrtict 46 on my watch on 12th St. in this historical Black Community or any community. This morning, I have been in communication with the City Managers office, APD, PIO, et. al. This is NOT sponsored by the City of Austin and ACM Anthony Snipes is on top of it, all over it. Until then, refrain from supporting Unique Trends until ‘some explaining’ is done. If the explanation is unbelievable …. They need to be put out of business, ASAP! Update: Nelson Linder is on site. The entity is Rare Trends. Five other businesses are allegedly to have the same sign. They are claiming ‘vandalism.’”

Dukes seems to believe the stores in question either put the stickers up or approve of them and because of this need to be boycotted, in other words run out of business.

While many comments on the Facebook post take Dukes to task for insinuating the businesses in question are racist and should be driven out of business, others support the effort.

The incident is another example of the racist political agenda exploited by Obama and the Democrats taking a turn for the absurd. The stickers amount to simple vandalism, not some sort of insidious KKK-style racist campaign supported by white business owners.

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