On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders took Oregon handily with 54 points, whileHillary Clinton eked out a narrow victory in Kentucky by .5 percent, leaving Clinton’s overall delegate lead largely unchanged. But while party leaders have been looking forward for weeks to Clinton clinching the presidential nomination, growing enmity between Bernie Sanders supporters and the Democratic National Committee has thrown that long-anticipated moment of unification into question.

Tensions between Sanders’s voters and the Democratic Party, which they accuse of tilting the scales for Clinton, boiled over this week after the Vermont senator’s supporters revolted Saturday at the Nevada Democratic Convention, throwing chairs and screaming at their opponents when they failed to elect their preferred delegates. “The convention concluded abruptly after security staff no longer felt it could ensure the safety of the participants, many of whom were yelling and throwing things,” The New York Times reported. The state party chairman, Roberta Lange, has reportedly been receiving numerous death threats in the wake of the unrest.

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