We can look back at the beginning of February 2020 as a true roller coaster in American history that saw populism victorious over anti-American forces that were crushed under the weight of providence, real popular opinion, and the hubris of their own statements.

The impeachment only revealed the true threat Democrats have become to the foundation of our Republic.

Don’t the Democrats know the rest of us are completely aware that they began as a pro-slavery party, created the KKK, saw to it that Margret Sanger’s extermination plan was carried out and even in February of 2020 continue to immortalize bigots within their own party as Senator Coons did with Exalted Cyclops Robert Byrd?

President Trump delivered a historic State Of The Union while the Democrats, like spoiled children, refused to stand for anything that didn’t adhere to their hatred of true American values.

And now, the Democrats are falling apart.

As they face the backlash of the hell they brought upon the Executive Office and the American people, all anyone can say is that it’s long overdue.

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