FreedomWorks hack was “politically motivated,” launched day after Obama instructed Pentagon to attack “cyberthreats” within U.S.

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Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, October 22, 2010

Speculation is rife that Democrat activists or even the Obama administration itself may have been responsible for an attack which brought down a prominent Tea Party website right as the organization targeted was running a major fund-raising drive and on the day after Obama directed the Pentagon to attack “cyberthreats” within the United States.

The FreedomWorks website was attacked at 6:55am yesterday morning as the organization’s server was penetrated and completely wiped out by a “sophisticated hacker” on the very day of the group’s donation drive to support Tea Party candidates running in the imminent mid-term elections.

The attack also coincided with an endorsement by radio host Glenn Beck and the subsequent down time cost the group an estimated $80,000 dollars in lost donations.

“We think the idea was to take our site down until after the election,” Kara Pally, web developer for FreedomWorks, told the Wall Street Journal. “This was politically motivated.”

“It’s like the tea party movement’s been hacked,” said the group’s spokesman, Adam Brandon. “To us, it’s no coincidence this happened the day our Beck money bomb was announced.”

In an identical attack, another Tea Party-affiliated network, GCN Live, on which the Alex Jones Show airs, also had its servers penetrated and completely eviscerated the same day, with Infowars streaming servers also being knocked offline. GCN’s servers are still offline after a sustained and sophisticated attack that was certain to have been a deliberate hack. As in the case of the FreedomWorks attack, the server was professionally targeted, this was not merely a denial of service issue.

The attack came in the aftermath of a hacker openly posting on You Tube how he planned to derail last week’s Infowars money bomb by illegally distributing denial of service software intended to crash the Infowars servers. Another You Tube user documented how the hacker tried to recruit him to help with the hack attack.

Alex Jones, Infowars and GCN have been vehement supporters of Tea Party candidates like Rand Paul and Sharron Angle.



The attack on FreedomWorks was carried out on the day after the Obama administration announced that the Pentagon would help Homeland Security conduct its cybersecurity strategy inside the United States.

Several respondents to the Wall Street Journal article blamed Democratic operatives for the hack attack.

“George Soros had something to do with this…he has been throwing his money around this week to take out anyone who is associated with the Tea Party,” wrote one.

“Look into the Tides Foundation, Media Matters, Moveon.Org, the NAACP and the DNC. They ALL should be raided today and investigated. Bet it comes from one of them or their fringe subs,” added another.

As we previously documented, the cybersecurity mantra has been exploited by Democrats before to target political websites in an effort to dissuade people from visiting them.

At the launch of the Obama administration’s cybersecurity agenda earlier this year, Democrats attempted to claim that the independent news website The Drudge Report was serving malware, an incident Senator Jim Inhofe described as a deliberate ploy “to discourage people from using Drudge”.

The timing of the FreedomWorks attack was crucial, right on the eve of the election and right at the start of a fund-raising campaign. To believe that this was anything other than a political ploy launched by ideological opponents of the Tea Party movement would be naive.

While we have gone to great lengths to point out how many elements of the Tea Party have been hijacked by Republicans, this once again reminds us of a slogan that Andrew Breitbart has become famous for using – Democrats and liberals don’t play fair – rather than engage in a fair debate on a level playing field they almost always resort to dirty tricks to shut down free speech.

Expect to see many more Tea Party websites targeted as the Obama administration intensifies its cybersecurity power grab, which as we have documented, and as its proponents have even admitted, amounts to nothing less than an underhanded ploy to seize control over the world wide web and create a Chinese-style system of Internet policing.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.

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