Julia Ioffe, writing for the New Democrat propaganda centerpiece New Republic, insinuates separatist rebels in eastern Ukraine are responsible for the shoot down of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 earlier today.

Ioffe, a Russian-born blogger, appears regularly on Mockingbird media venues such as MSNBC, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, Foreign Policy, and Forbes. She specializes in anti-Russian propaganda.

After noting the downing of Ukrainian military aircraft and the alleged transfer of Buk antiaircraft missile systems from Russia to the separatist rebels, Ioffe writes that the incident elevates the conflict to a new and dangerous level:

Make no mistake: this is a really, really, really big deal. This is the first downing of a civilian jetliner in this conflict and, if it were the rebels who brought it down, all kinds of ugly things follow. For one thing, what seemed to be gelling into a frozen local conflict has now broken into a new phase, one that directly threatens European security. The plane, let’s recall, was flying from Amsterdam.

She then says “that there’s only one place that rebels can get this kind of heavy, sophisticated weaponry” and ties it to a new round of sanctions imposed on Russia on Wednesday. It also follows an especially strident denunciation of U.S. foreign policy by Putin.

Ioffe, however, believes, or the New Democrats she writes for believe, Putin and Russia are not directly responsible for the shoot down. Putin, she argues, has “lost control of the rebels” and the rebels did not deliberately target a passenger plane.

Game Changing Opportunism

Mistake or not, the shoot down “is a game-changer, and it’s a game-changer in that it drags in the outside world,” in other words the U.S. and NATO. Increased participation is required because the effort by the regime in Kyiv to dislodge and eliminate the separatists is losing momentum, even with covert U.S. aid and logistical support.

Ioffe does not call for direct U.S. intervention, not because this would be wrong and contrary to the interest of the American people, but because there “is still no appetite for boots on the ground and Russia still has that U.N. veto.”

“Even if the U.S. gives Ukraine lethal military aid, it in no way guarantees that Kiev’s military will be able to crush the separatists, especially not without some bloody, horrific urban warfare,” she writes.

CNN, legendary for its work with the Army’s Fourth Psychological Operations Group, is already tilting the narrative to blame the separatists and implicate Russia:

If separatists using Russian firepower or Russian forces brought down the plane, the United States and European Union would come under pressure to take tougher steps against Moscow.

So far, they have imposed sanctions and provided aid including limited military equipment. On Wednesday, President Barack Obama announced further sanctions due to Russia’s failure to take steps to end the Ukraine conflict.

“This would have the most profound repercussions,” McCain told CNN of possible Russian responsibility, calling for much stronger sanctions and more military help for Ukraine than he has advocated.

Cui bono – who benefits from the shoot down? Certainly not the separatists and Russia. The tragedy, however, does make the argument for additional serious sanctions now undoubtedly waiting in the wings to be imposed on Russia.

Violent Defense of Bretton-Woods and IMF Loan Sharking

Economic sanctions figure prominently in the plan by the global elite to scale back the power and influence of Russia. Installing a quasi-fascist regime in Kyiv and forging agreements – including NATO membership – with other Eastern European nations has nothing to do with democracy. It is about geostrategic brinkmanship. Russia and China are outside the orbit of the IMF-World Bank operation and are now talking about establishing their own development bank.

As The Washington Post notes, there is a long-standing dissatisfaction with Bretton-Woods institutions that has moved BRICS towards a “developing-country alternative to global development finance,” a move that is highly provocative and alarming for the global financial elite and dangerous for their plans for world domination.

Ms. Ioffe and the New Democrat intelligentsia are doing their part in an orchestrated propaganda offensive designed to demonize Russia and thus prepare an effort to further undercut its influence in Eastern Europe and its economic and energy clout in Western Europe.

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